Customer Advisory Boards

Customer Advisory Boards

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Customer Advisory Boards (CAB) comprise Honeywell Process Solutions representatives from key industries served by the organization across markets and provide avenues for obtaining important customer feedback.

The User Input Subcommittee (UIS) is one of the mechanisms used by the boards to work with customers on enhancements to currently installed systems, gauge the effectiveness of current maintenance and support activities, and receive suggestions for improvement. Its members, including Honeywell Process Solutions executives and customer representatives, meet three times a year to provide strategic and tactical inputs on a variety of topics. Another mechanism embraced by the organization to capture the voice of customers is Focused Action Small Teams (FAST). This initiative offers new and exciting opportunities for customers to engage with Honeywell on specific topics of interest.

Honeywell Process Solutions' Customer Advisory Boards include:


  • Experion Customer Advisory Board: Honeywell created the Experion® PKS Customer Advisory Board (ECAB) to collect input from Process Solutions customers across geographies and market segments to help guide the future direction of the distributed control system (DCS).

    CAB Leader: Joe Bastone​

  • Abnormal Situation Management: The Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium promotes its vision by conducting research, testing and evaluating solutions that develop and advance the collective knowledge of the members, and by directing development of tools, best practices, and services that facilitate the conversion of ASM knowledge into practice.

    CAB Leader: Tom Williams,

  • Terminals Customer Advisory Board (CAB): Honeywell created Terminals CAB to bring customer and market insights for the Terminals business of Honeywell. This forum is represented by global customers of Terminals business across geographies, helping guide the future direction of Terminals offerings at Honeywell. These direct customer feedback on Honeywell technology development plan is very special and critical for us to keep the market leadership in this segment

    CAB Leader: Mahesh Joshi​

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  • Batch Advisory Board: The Batch Advisory Board solicits customer input on Batch Automation products and services.
    CAB Leader: Christopher Peters

  • Profit® Blending & Movement Customer Advisory Board: Users provide input on Profit® Blending & Movement (PBM) where Honeywell has over 220 customers worldwide, representing more than 25% of the world’s refining capacity.

    CAB Leader: John Sproule


  • OptiVision® Advisory Board: Honeywell established the OptiVision Advisory Group in 1998 to collect customer feedback on product functionality and suggestions for product enhancements to new OptiVision releases and on training and support needs.

          CAB Leader: Niranjan Rao


  • Power Customer Advisory Board: The Power Customer Advisory Board (PCAB) was chartered to focus on new and existing solutions and services needed by power industry customers.
    CAB Leader: Alex Turner  

  • Profit® Suite Strategic User Forum: Honeywell established the Profit Suite Strategic User Forum to collect feedback from Profit Suite customers across geographies, market segments, and hardware platforms to help guide development of this advanced applications suite.

    CAB Leader: Jaideep Bhattacharya


  • Quality Control System (QCS) Forum: Honeywell leads the industry with the most advanced QCS measurement and control system. Navigating the new direction is meaningful only with the feedback and advice of customers.
    CAB Leader: Harri Oksanen 

  • Safety Management Advisory Board: The Safety Management Advisory Board (SMAB) solicits customer input on safety solutions and services related to Fail Safe Controller (FSC) and Safety Manager.

    CAB Leader: Johan School


  • Simulation Customer Advisory Board: The objectives of the Simulation CAB are to discuss the simulation market and its needs, review Honeywell’s current simulation roadmap and get feedback from users on expectations regarding development of technology offerings.
    CAB Leaders: Jennifer Prgesa, Bharat Naik

  • Uniformance Advisory Board: The Uniformance Advisory Board (UAB) provides a forum for customer input on product functionality, integration, and service offerings for the Uniformance history, visualization and calculation applications.

           CAB Leader: CAB Leader: Rajshri Premraj

  • User Input Subcommittee: The User Input Subcommittee (UIS) provides a practical mechanism for customers to provide input on enhancements desired in global installed systems, and on the effectiveness of current maintenance and support activities, with suggestions for improvement. 

           CAB Leader: Cindy Bloodgood

  • Industrial Cybersecurity Customer Advisory Board: The Industrial Cybersecurity Customer Advisory Board (Cyber CAB) provides Honeywell and customers a forward-looking perspective on Honeywell’s Industrial Cybersecurity solutions and a forum for customers to provide input to help shape the strategic direction and priorities of this portfolio.   

    CAB Leader: Anu Dickinson​







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