Terminal Safety Solutions

Terminal Safety Solutions

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Honeywell Enraf Overview


Honeywell Enraf provides an integrated solution to all terminal safety requirements.

Through our extensive product portfolio and turn-key solutions, we ensure optimum protection for people, environment and assets. Our holistic safety approach is achieved through increased diagnostics and a layered approach to plant safety.

Our integrated engineering solutions deliver value from installation to maintenance. Honeywell is a leader in applying IEC61508 and IEC 615111 standards to fuel storage sites. We empower our customers to reduce risks and achieve optimal business performance through scalable solutions that drive safety, reliability and efficiency
Honeywell 854 Servo Level Gauge Safety Upgrade 
Honeywell’s 854 Servo Level Gauge is equipped with an Auto Test feature and complies with Safety Integrity Level-3 (SIL-3). With a high-accuracy level for measurements in bulk storage tanks during inventory control and custody transfer, it provides oil and gas facilities with an ideal tank solution that ensures safety, regulatory compliance and cost-effectiveness. The Servo Auto Test feature can also be loaded onto all existing 854 Servo units with a simple software patch. With a Safe Failure Fraction rate of more than 99 percent, the gauge’s diagnostics features can extend the device’s safety proof-test intervals to five years, thereby reducing operational costs. 
Honeywell FlexLine SIL 2 
Honeywell’s FlexLine level gauges have been approved by the TÜV for use in Safety Integrity Level-2 (SIL-2) rated loops, allowing industrial facilities to use the devices in applications that require the stringent certification to prevent safety incidents. FlexLine is used in overfill protection loops to prevent spillage and mitigate the likelihood of a catastrophic accident, effectively stopping overfill before it happens. The FlexLine gauge comes with an improved safe failure fraction of more than 90 percent, which will permit uses in SIL-2 safety loops.  Additionally, diagnostics within the gauges have also been improved, which extends the safety proof-test interval to four years to mitigate operational costs and strengthen reliability.


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