Partnerships and Alliances

Partnerships and Alliances

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Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) is a group of leading companies and universities involved with process industries that have jointly invested in research and development to create knowledge, tools and products designed to prevent, detect and mitigate abnormal situations that affect process safety in the control operations environment.


Honeywell and Dell work together to ensure that users achieve the cost reduction benefits of Dell’s state-of-the-art commercial off-the-shelf equipment, while fully meeting the specialized availability, reliability and lifecycle needs of Honeywell’s control systems.


Honeywell and IBM have collaborated for many years to deliver high value projects to users. IBM Global Business Services and Honeywell provide an innovative combination of leading ERP system integration skills (IBM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (Honeywell).


KROHNE ranks among the world‘s leading companies in flow and level measurement technology. Honeywell has partnered with Krohne in the area of field instrumentation. Along with Honeywell brand products, Krohne offers complimentary additions in flow and level measurement that makes Honeywell’s Field Instrumentation portfolio complete.


LSIS is the leading solutions provider of automation system and industrial electric power in Korea since its establishment in 1974. Honeywell and LSIS’ joint partnership provides users with high-quality controller products and services in the automation industry.


Honeywell and Microsoft have a deep technology partnership to make effective use of the latest applications.  Microsoft invests in Honeywell to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft technology in the process industries.


Honeywell partners with industrial technology provider PAS Inc. to offer the Honeywell Automation Change Manager, an electronic database management and documentation system that allows industrial plant personnel to document and track changes across various Honeywell and third-party automation systems. 


Honeywell and SAP work together to build joint solutions for process industries that use both enterprise and plant data to improve decision making. These solutions pertain to the development and deployment of new assets or the efficient and sustainable operation of existing assets.

Honeywell partners with VMware to bring the benefits of virtualization to a range of Honeywell products and meet the demanding needs of the process control industry. Honeywell is able to supply VMware powered virtualization solutions across its Small Systems, SCADA and Advanced Solutions products. 

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