Third Party Software

Third Party Software

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Honeywell provides third party software subject to terms in addition to or in lieu of the terms of users’ license. Select the product from the list below to access the third party software pertaining to it.

Equipment Condition Monitor (ECM)

The products listed above from Honeywell International Inc. contain software originating from commercial suppliers to Honeywell and/or the open source community.  By using the software, users acknowledge that they have reviewed such license terms and agree to be bound by the terms of such licenses with respect to the applicable software.

Any source code that is required to be made available pursuant to its license may be found with the materials accompanying the software package or by clicking the link identified for such purpose, if any.  If the source code is not available at either location, then the applicable source code may be obtained by sending a money order or check payable to Honeywell International Inc. in the amount of US$19.99 (to cover shipping and handling) to: Honeywell International Inc., Honeywell Process Solutions, 1860 W. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027, Attn: Legal Department – Open Source. Please write “Open Source Code” and identify the Honeywell product in the memo line of the payment. The offer to obtain a copy of source code that is required to be made available pursuant to its license is valid for the shortest period of time, if any, specified by the applicable license.

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