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Honeywell welcomes suggestions from any user for any of Honeywell Process Solutions’ products. You do not need to be a UIS member. All suggestions will be equally considered by the UIS during the selection process. 

The deadline for suggestions for our next product cycle is February 14th, 2021.

To submit a suggestion, please complete all entries on the form below and try to be as detailed as possible with your description. The UIS process is much more effective when suggestion requests contain sufficient detail to be evaluated accurately. Please include only one suggestion per submission.

The UIS Process allows for the re-submission of previously entered suggestions. Please only provide the UIS Suggestion Number. If you have additional information which would clarify the suggestion, please only enter the additional information into the appropriate fields. Please remember that this service is not intended to replace the normal Technical Assistance Center support channels. Use those services first, if they are appropriate.


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