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Explore Honeywell Process Solutions

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Reducing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance at a Combined Heat and Power plant

Kotka Energy improved efficiency, safety and asset reliability at its new power plant with Experion PKS, Safety Manager and Uniformance PHD. Honeywell's Lifecycle Management services further provide asset support and help manage costs.​

Improve efficiency, save costs with Experion PKS

Finch Paper migrated to Experion PKS to gain access to plant data that was previously not visible. Plant efficiency and productivity was further improved with the use of UniSim for operator training, Uniformance software for logging plant data and the Solution Enhancement and Support Program (SESP) that protects technology investments.​

Aggressive project timelines achieved with Honeywell's advanced control and wireless solutions

Polysilicon manufacturer Woongjin Polysilicon partnered with Honeywell to reduce its new plant timeline by two months. The company benefitted from Honeywell's integrated approach – a CCTV solution integrated with control systems – and wireless solutions, along with its FOUNDATION Fieldbus expertise.

A centralized control room for Britain's third-largest oil refinery

With Honeywell as the site automation specialist, Total's Lindsey refinery improved operator efficiency by providing a plant-wide view of the operations. The UniSim simulator helped facilitate a robust training program to further boost operator effectiveness.

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