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A UNIFIED PLATFORM TO SAFELY MANAGE GROWTH AMIDST HIGH CYBERSECURITY RISK Introducing Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Platform, a robust software solution that simplifies, strengthens and scales industrial cybersecurity operations for any asset-intensive business facing evolving threats.

Honeywell Forge for Cybersecurity improves cybersecurity performance—at a single site or across multiple sites—by increasing visibility into vulnerabilities and threats, enabling proactive action to mitigate risks and improving cybersecurity management efficiency.

As cyberattack costs can run into millions of dollars, the software delivers a simple yet scalable threat management option for companies in any stage of cybersecurity maturity. From inventorying assets on a network; to moving and using operations data; to strengthening endpoint and network security; to improving cybersecurity compliance and more, the new platform delivers a grow-as-you-go software solution to better address cybersecurity pain points in operational technology (OT) and industrial internet of things (IIoT) environments.

ENTERPRISE CORE For companies with multi-site secure connectivity needs, Enterprise Core delivers key cybersecurity operations management features including:

• Secure Remote Access with advanced granular   controls engineered for industrial environments.
• Secure Content Transfer with built-in file-based   threat detection.
• The platform Security Center server components.
• One or more site-level Virtual Security Engines (VSEs)

ENTERPRISE PREMIUM For companies seeking to take full advantage of Honeywell’s latest cybersecurity innovations, Enterprise Premium can be applied in addition to Enterprise Core, providing asset security management capabilities across multiple sites. Modules in the Enterprise Premium offering include:

• Asset Discovery and Inventory
• Asset Monitoring and Alerting
• Software Patch and Antivirus (AV) Management
• Risk and Compliance Management

SITE OFFERING For companies exploring select platform capabilities at a single-site level, the Site Offering features include:

• Asset Discovery and Inventory
• Asset Monitoring and Alerting
• Risk and Compliance Monitoring

As businesses move to digitally connect their operations, having a site-specific strategy on cybersecurity is no longer safe or practical.

Organizations leading digital transformation are developing enterprise-wide cybersecurity solutions that drive greater consistency and protection across operational technology environments.

Solutions should meet industry standards and regulatory compliance requirements while remaining easy to use by teams stretched with increased responsibilities. 

Pulp & paper producer leverages Honeywell Forge for Cybersecurity solution to help protect  140+ sites A large industrial manufacturer relies on Honeywell Forge for Cybersecurity technology to help secure over 140 sites around the world. Cybersecurity operations are simplified with the use of Honeywell Forge secure remote access and content transfer capabilities. 

Global food & beverage producer relies on Honeywell Forge for Cybersecurity solution to help protect 100+ sites worldwide.  One of the world’s leading producers of confectionary relies on Honeywell Forge for Cybersecurity technology to help secure over 100 industrial facilities in multiple countries with secure remote access, remote monitoring and more. 

*Company names withheld for security reasons

Honeywell’s Cybersecurity Centers of Excellence (COEs) provide state-of-the-art facilities and specialized technical personnel to help customers simulate, validate and accelerate industrial cybersecurity initiatives— all in an exciting setting with world-class demonstration capabilities. By leveraging Honeywell’s COE resources, customers can ultimately save time, budget and costly security mistakes as they improve their organization’s industrial cybersecurity maturity.

Please contact a Honeywell Cybersecurity Sales Rep to learn more at Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Platform.

For companies seeking complete support and management of Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Platform by cybersecurity experts, Honeywell provides multiple service options, including Managed Security Services and Consulting Services. These global capabilities deliver skilled design and implementation for the software platform as well as ongoing critical industrial cybersecurity management and monitoring to reduce time-to-operations and increase cybersecurity compliance.​

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