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ICS Shield

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Industrial organizations are increasingly integrating OT and IT infrastructures. The huge benefits of such “connected operations” include improved productivity and safety that come with data-driven decisions, as well as enhanced capabilities to automate the monitoring and maintenance of remote assets. Yet as the ICS environment becomes ever more connected, its attack surface increases in tandem. Despite large investments in multiple security tools and engineering resources, industrial operators are struggling to protect highly complex multi-site, multi-vendor SCADA networks. What’s needed is a centralized solution that simplifies and delivers ICS security.​

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ICS Shield is Honeywell’s top-down OT security management platform for securing connected Industrial Control Systems (ICS)/SCADA environments. Empowering organizations to implement connected operations while minimizing security vulnerabilities, ICS Shield secures remote field assets from a single security and operations center. This field-proven technology automates the deployment and enforcement of plant-wide security policies while focusing on security essentials.​

The first step in protecting an OT environment is identifying precisely what’s on the network. ICS Shield helps you achieve an accurate inventory of your ICS assets including hardware, software and service configurations.


To maintain high levels of security, uptime and safety of distributed devices, secure remote access to field assets is required by first- and third-party personnel and machines. Providing extremely granular and robust AAA remote access, ICS Shield ensures secure remote access and monitoring, protected file distribution to devices, and safe data transfer from plants to HQ for analysis and risk management.


ICS Shield unifies and automates the policy management process, empowering the creation, deployment and enforcement of plant-wide and granular security policies. Leveraging ICS Shield’s security policy management, operations and control teams significantly improve OT security and compliance.


ICS Shield infrastructure is designed for multi-site, multi-vendor deployment, with all sites connected to the security and operations center via Honeywell’s Secure Tunnel. This distributed architecture guarantees data security and integrity.

  • Asset auto-discovery: schedules active and passive discovery of ICS assets for an up-to-date inventory

  • Change management: monitors changes in asset inventory and configuration

  • AAA remote access: includes centralized authentication, granular authorization, and session audit and control

  • Password vault: authenticates remote users without sharing device credentials

  • Policy creation & distribution: flexibly defines security and operational policies and distributes them to the field

  • Incident response: provides fast and secure access to a compromised asset

  • Compliance reporting: improves compliance posture with pre-defined and customized reports.

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ICS Shield Product DescriptionThe purpose of this document is to provide a detailed overview of the Honeywell ICS Shield, an Operational Technology (OT) security management platform. Material covered includes: risks and mitigation strategies associated with connected operations, an executive summary of ICS Shield product capabilities and benefits, and a detailed overview of ICS Shield product pillars, security essential policies and infrastructure.2017-10-20 00:00:002.05 MB
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