Honeywell Forge for Industrial

Honeywell Forge for Industrial

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​Honeywell Forge for Industrial enables Enterprise Performance Management by using real-time accurate models and visual analytics to deliver intelligent actionable recommendations for sustained peak performance. ​

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​Honeywell Forge is a powerful analytics software solution that provides real-time data and visual intelligence. Connectivity is based on an extensible platform that is portable for deployment in any cloud or data center environment. It provides an enterprise-wide, top to bottom view, displaying the status of process, assets, people, and safety.


​Honeywell Forge is a persona-based solution that can be tailored to a particular role within the organization. Via digital twins, it uses real-time data to benchmark performance against best practice models, identifying opportunities. Users can drill down from an enterprise view, to site, to units, to determine details around the opportunity, including process and asset details. From there, actionable recommendations can be used to resolve problems and capture the identified benefits.

​Honeywell Forge combats today’s challenges by holistically looking at process and assets, understanding the inter-relationships and economic opportunities that can be addressed to achieve peak performance and ensuring safety and efficiency.​

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