Process Safety Analyzer

Process Safety Analyzer

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Honeywell’s unique Process Safety Analyzer (PSA) software ensures process safety by continuously tracking, analyzing and reporting on the condition of safety instrumented systems.

PSA is applicable across various markets, including upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas. Being system independent, it can help companies achieve best-in-class safety and comply with regulations.​​

Process Safety Analyzer provides automated tracking, recording and validation on the condition of safety instrumented systems and final elements, with views and reports for analyzing their current and past condition and helping to quickly identify areas of attention for testing or maintenance. 

PSA includes three main modules:

  • Shutdown Analyzer (SDA) that focuses on safety instrumented systems, and validates that all recorded operations were executed as expected in a timely manner

  • Safety Element Scout (SES) that focuses on final elements keeping track of all operations, and validates that these occur as expected

  • SIL Reporting (SIL) gathers KPIs from Shutdown Analyzer and Safety Element Scout for automatically generating reports to support on SIL analysis

Process Safety Analyzer takes into account events from all operations (planned and unplanned) from the safety instrumented systems, and final elements to track and automatically validate them versus the expected behavior.

Shutdown Analyzer validates that the safety instrumented systems have operated as expected according to the master cause & effect diagrams, taking into account control overrides, pre-shutdown states and required safety states.

Safety Element Scout tracks all elements’ operations checking their response after the issued commands, and validates that the required response/travel time is under the maximum limit.

SIL Reporting provides pre-configured reports that allow users to easily analyze SIL related KPIs to track failed operations, demand rate on SIFs, failure rate on final elements and test intervals.​

Process Safety Analyzer provides the following benefits:

  • Increased safety and production regularity, enabling early identification of faults

  • Decreased downtime for planned testing, taking credit of successful unplanned operations

  • Automated analysis and reporting, helping users to be efficient and effective 

  • Better documented safety compliance to the company, regulating agencies and third-parties

  • Exception-based safety inspection, focusing on the items really needing attention

  • Decreased time required onsite for planned testing and better remote cooperation .

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"How Monitoring by Exception Should Work" in Digital Energy Journal June 2016A good “monitoring by exception” system on a gas field should help staff respond to what’s important – and not be bothered the rest of the time. But it needs to be properly set up. Michele Loseto from Honeywell Process Solutions explains how to do it, with an example from a coal seam gas field.Article Reprint15 Jun 2016
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Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time. For more information, please contact your Honeywell Account Manager. 
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