OptiVision – MES for Pulp, Paper and Flat Sheet Industries

OptiVision – MES for Pulp, Paper and Flat Sheet Industries

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OptiVision® is Honeywell’s order-to-cash solution for pulp, paper and flat sheet industries. It helps users plan, schedule and deliver orders in time, at the right cost, and in precise quantities while meeting stringent quality standards. Using sophisticated algorithms and business logic, it helps users make the best decisions to minimize costs, optimize resource usage and respond to customer demands profitably.

Whether managing a single site or a multi-site enterprise, OptiVision enhances business performance by improving profitability, efficiency and sustainability.

Specialized OptiVision modules elevate operational standards in the following order-to-cash areas:

  • Customer and Order Management: OptiVision enables customer service representatives (CSRs) to nurture and sustain customer relationships. It collects accurate order data and helps uphold customer commitments with available/ capable/ profitable to promise capabilities. Web Order Services (mobility enabled add-on) provides access to CSRs and even end-customers.

  • Production Planning and Scheduling: OptiVision’s advanced planning and scheduling capabilities provide optimized capacity utilization across the enterprise. Industry-proven Trim OptiMiser provides best-in-class deckle optimization for roll and sheet operations. The what-if analysis capability helps in simulating scenarios, driving mature planning decisions.

  • Production and Quality TrackingOptiVision provides visibility into asset utilization and inventory across multi-stage production lines. Quality optimization and Bi-directional genealogy help track and uphold highest quality standards while minimizing losses.

  • Inventory and Warehouse Management: It provides anytime status of work-in-process as well as finished goods inventory and helps optimize warehouse space. In addition, it simplifies inventory movement, accounting and reconciliation. 

  • Load and Shipment Management: It optimizes transportation costs by managing and external transportation systems and their schedules. It automates and guides truck-mounted wireless systems for faster loading. OptiVision’s algorithms improve carrier space utilization and optimize transportation routes.

  • Invoicing and Credit ManagementOptiVision ensures accurate and timely billing, thereby providing a sustained cash flow. It simplifies implementation and management of pricing policy, credit handling and claims management across the enterprise.  

  • Shop Floor Interfaces and ERP Integration: Real-time interfaces in OptiVision enable connectivity to a wide range of shop floor devices such as automatic wrap lines, scales, footage counters, ASRS, etc. Standard business interfaces help in quick and tight integration with ERP systems.

Honeywell’s flagship OptiVision production management suite captures more than 30 years of experience gained in a changing industry. This learning and intelligence is embedded in a suite of tools that enables business performance to transcend industry benchmarks by optimizing manpower, assets, materials, logistics and capital to respond to today’s challenging business environment. Applying a cost-based approach to business functions, optimization models and logical algorithms developed through relentless research, OptiVision’s business logic software holds the key to excellence at every stage of order fulfillment and manufacturing efficiency, and reduces total costs by standardizing operations. 

The latest release delivers an enriched user interface and enhanced functionality.

OptiVision enables in-depth understanding and control of the entire supply chain and provides near real-time visibility to:

  • Improve yield per order – OptiVision ensures customer orders are profitable, producible and traceable (~2-5% or higher)

  • Identify and remove bottlenecks – the software gives end-to-end visibility across enterprise with multiple mills, production lines, and assets (100%)

  • Discover hidden capacities – OptiVision increases throughput, maximizes efficiency of resources and assets (~10%)

  • Lower production costs – Users are able to reduce raw-material costs, and finishing & converting losses (~2-10%)

  • Improve customer confidence and prevent margin erosion by reducing quality variations & rejects, thereby eliminating quality losses (~5% or higher)

  • Reduce costs on logistics by optimizing inventory storage and handling and reducing transportation costs (~$2/Ton)

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership with lifecycle protection, 24x365 support and sustained business performance levels (25%).  

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