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Control Performance Monitor

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Control Performance Monitor is a condition-based application that monitors, identifies, diagnoses and remedies control asset issues across all plant layers ranging from regulatory to model predictive controllers. It helps users maintain the reliability and efficiency of their process control assets.

CPM CX is a free trial version of CPM.  A simpler, more scalable version of CPM that can be installed quickly with minimum configuration. This is available as a free 30-day trial.



Control Performance Monitor is a vendor-independent software application that communicates with modern distributed control system (DCS) and Model Predictive Control technologies to provide monitoring, tuning and modeling capabilities in a single package. When paired with Honeywell’s loop and Model Predictive Control maintenance technologies, it provides real-time data collection and analysis, control loop tuning, modeling and multivariate step testing capabilities to help users not only sustain control performance but improve it as well.

The software continuously monitors all regulatory control assets and applications across remote facilities to detect problems and then notifies appropriate personnel. It ensures efficient control tuning and performance by analyzing control performance without direct plant interruption. 

Control Performance Monitor uses a condition-based maintenance methodology to increase control performance and plant productivity, while reducing maintenance costs. The methodology comprises four main steps:

  • Identify - It visualizes, identifies and prioritizes problems throughout the entire plant, notifies personnel of the impending issues and locates the root cause of the problem.

  • Analyze - The software provides online and offline reports analyzing control issues throughout the plant. In addition, it analyzes regulatory controllers and APC applications.

  • Improve - It enables reactive and proactive Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) tuning, valve/sensor repair, controller redesign, Model Predictive Control step testing, and model identification.

  • Sustain - It enables constant assessment of control performance and flags critical problems to help users institutionalize sustainability through continuous improvement.

​Control Performance Monitor helps improve the operability and stability of the process, thereby leading to reduction in off-specification production, operating costs and product variability and an increase in production rates.

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Profit Suite Brochure Achieve process optimization and asset performance, from the control layer, scalable up to site-wide and enterprise level.Learn more about our Profit Suite offering in the brochure. 5.53 MBBrochure9 Aug 2018
Product Information Note -Control Performance MonitorHoneywell Connected Plant Control Performance Monitor uses a condition-based maintenance methodology that automatically and continuously monitors all process control assets, detects and prioritizes problems according to their impact and notifies personnel to take appropriate action.Its available as on-premise and cloud based. Please download the document for further information. 884.19 KBBrochure13 Jun 2018
CPM Mill Wide Process Control Performance MonitoringIn many mills, the ratio of control assets to engineers is greater than 300 to 1, which often means a complaint-driven or failure-based maintenance model is the norm. Due to this work overload, many control issues are seen as tuning related and are often addressed in this manor or overlooked completely.750.52 KBWhitepaper23 Aug 2011
Honeywell Control Performance Monitor TaijiPID BR762A Comprehensive Closed-Loop Tuning Solution2.08 MBBrochure27 Jun 2011
Public Support Documentation
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Taiji PID R320.2 Software Change NoticeTaiji PID R320.2 Software Change Notice107.36 KBSupport Document9 Sep 2021
TaijiPID_R320.2Taiji R320.2 includes the updates required to integrate Taiji Thin client and Taiji thick client with CPM R603.2. You can tune the assets in CPM Web Reports and view the results of tuning in both Taiji Thin Client and in CPM Web Reports. 1-DPVS40F :-: Application crashes and the step testing stops if attempting to identify the model.4.58 MBSoftware Download8 Sep 2021
CPM_R603.2_ComponentsThis is a mandatory Intuition components needs to be upgraded when you have CPM/CWS and Taiji on the same machine. Please refer CPM R603.2 SCN69.34 MBSoftware Download8 Sep 2021
CPM_R603.2.134The key features enhanced in R603.2: Support for PHD DAS plugin, Edge browser Support for .Custom MPC template and Custom MPC KPI via SP, Enable Required flag for standard MPC templates, Support tag description for CV/MV/DV’s of MPC controller, Support for .Common web server –cross domain support, Support for TAIJI 320.1/.2 co-existence/integration with CPM, CPM R603.2 is Enhanced on top of CPM R603.1 and Taiji R320.2 is enhanced on R320.157.97 MBSoftware Download8 Sep 2021
Control Performance Monitor 603.2 SCNControl Performance Monitor 603.2 Software Change Notice669.36 KBSupport Document8 Sep 2021
TaijiPID 320_User_GuideTaijiPID R320.1_User_Guide2.18 MBSupport Document1 Jul 2021
Taiji PID R320.1 Software Change NoticeTaiji PID R320.1 Software Change Notice946.58 KBSupport Document21 Apr 2021
Control Performance Monitor R602.5 PatchControl Performance Monitor Patch R602.5 Release - March 2020 --- FileName : MD5 : 60E0067450F83EDF1DB6455DE9AC4ACE SHA1 : 72A32239CA9984DF9E8E790267468447CDE1DF44 SHA256 : 49CBD5FC341C13EE6FBF4A59DD4793F030E3A471002A00AF09E6C84D101F7B44 FileName : CPM_R602.5.093.exe MD5 : 466C5231D55ABE219822DB88C27A3CED SHA1 : 4A43B89C0D6A1D65E92F92009EB70BCC0A830497 SHA256 : 630C05596D90DBBD65A5C5CAAB1ABFBA6F43D82174BB103499AAD835A4CA82A664.37 MBSoftware Download19 Mar 2020
Tai-Ji PID R310.2 HotFix Software Change NoticeThe Software Change Notice describes the prerequisites, resolved PARs, applicable nodes, and steps to install/uninstall the Hotfix. Additionally, the SCN contains information about the change impact and additional information for this Hotfix. The latest version of this SCN is always available on the Honeywell Process Solutions website.82.2 KBSupport Document5 Dec 2019
Control Performance Monitor R602.2 PatchControl Performance Monitor R602.2 Patch MD5 58B98DDBF591F97B47BC59650FA07ED7 SHA1 3121763B0D2B99CC3865485FE8B7F7043FA764B8 58.3 MBSoftware Download22 Nov 2019
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Honeywell Control Performance Monitor BOC Gases Tai-Ji SS549BOC partnered with Honeywell, to apply a new MPC implementation methodology using powerful Tai-Ji technology in testing and modeling the Hartford plant.266.6 KB24 Aug 2011
Honeywell Control Performance Monitor Abitibi Sheet Break Initiative SS470Teaching an Old Mill New Tricks: Abitibi –Sheet-Break Reduction Initiative Delivers Million-Dollar ROI in Nine Months316.42 KB23 Aug 2011
Honeywell Control Performance Monitor AlPac SS566Control Performance Monitor enabled Al-Pac to identify and prioritise opportunities for improvement in the digester area228.67 KB21 Aug 2011
Honeywell Control Performance Monitor Ameren UET Targets Key Controls SS471Control Performance Monitor targeted key control tuning issues and simultaneously provided a big-picture view of overall performance.221.31 KB20 Aug 2011

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through its Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage users' physical and intellectual assets and help sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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