Profit Optimization Suite
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Profit® Optimization Suite addresses all aspects of advanced process control (APC) and optimization from improving regulatory loop control to optimizing the entire process. This solution is based on a unique layered approach to process optimization and enable faster responses to changes in business demands.

Profit Controller
Honeywell’s Profit Controller application allows easy implementation of multivariable control and optimization strategies, and provides safe control of complex industrial processes.
Profit Executive
Profit Executive provides dynamic real-time gate to gate optimization that goes beyond typical APC boundaries.
Profit Expert
Profit Expert provides Profit Suite users with a comprehensive and cohesive environment to drive proactive application maintenance practices, diagnose and react to existing problems and revive underperforming advanced process control (APC) applications.
Profit Optimizer
Profit Optimizer software integrates with Honeywell’s Profit Controller applications to deliver cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to real-time optimization (RTO) problems.
Profit Performance Monitor
Honeywell Connected Plant Profit Performance Monitor identifies degradation of unit performance and provides expert guidance to sustain unit profit performance.
Profit SensorPro
Profit SensorPro is an innovative data analysis and regression tool used to develop reliable models for online prediction and soft sensor applications.
Profit Stepper
Profit Stepper is an automated advanced process control maintenance tool that simplifies the entire lifecycle of Profit Controller.

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