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​Profit® Expert provides Profit Suite users with a comprehensive and cohesive environment to drive proactive application maintenance practices, diagnose and react to existing problems and revive underperforming advanced process control (APC) applications. Users benefit from high-performing applications that deliver or exceed expected benefits, and can concentrate on assessing new advanced optimization opportunities.​​​​​

Profit Expert features a single engineering environment with various tools for maintaining Profit Suite applications. A single-point resource for maintaining controllers, it requires minimum custom configuration and reduces engineering effort for users. Immediate information on the performance of Profit Controller applications is available through its automated analytical tools, generic and custom performance metrics (KPIs), and benchmark comparisons.

Profit Expert provides an infrastructure to drive an effective workflow for identifying, prioritizing and resolving application maintenance issues. Extensive filtering options and advanced analysis tools highlight the most critical issues in the plant, and the most problematic areas of application performance. Its diagnostic tools pinpoint controller problems and recommend adjustments to improve performance.

To set up an application, Profit Expert requires only the name and location of the application to be monitored. In addition, tasks such as data collection and configuration of diagnostic and advanced analysis tools are completely automated. Profit Expert offers a list of common performance metrics that are generated automatically when an application is added to the monitoring workspace as well as the advanced analysis tools that visually guide the user to high-probability problem areas.

Profit Expert also provides an advanced, user-friendly facility for generating customized performance metrics for a particular controller ranging from very basic to extremely complex expressions that track the true performance of applications in monetary terms or more relative metrics.​

​Profit Expert not only helps users monitor and maintain their advanced process control applications but also provides a standardized, yet flexible framework to track the performance metrics and report the benefits of these applications. Users can, therefore, consistently weigh the returns on their advanced process control and optimization investments and prioritize application maintenance tasks.

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Bharat Petroleum Improves Quality, Increases Yields, Cuts Costs with Honeywell Profit SuiteImplementation of APC strategies and Honeywell Profit Suite as part of BPCL's refinery modernization resulted in improved profitability through increased production and energy efficiency, and reduced operating costs.163.13 KB28 Mar 2016
Profit®Suite Helps Petkim Petrochemical’s Flagship Plant Operate at Maximum Capacity Petkim selected Honeywell when it decided to improve ethylene plant productivity by implementing advanced process controls to maximize capacity in line with plant equipment constraints and to minimize energy consumption.287.81 KB20 May 2015
Navajo Refinery Success StoryHoneywell’s Profit Expert technology is the first advanced process control maintenance environment that provides capabilities to allow revival of currently underperforming advanced process control applications, diagnostic tools to react to existing problems and the necessary infrastructure to drive proactive maintenance and opportunity assessment practices109.54 KB3 Feb 2008

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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