Predict-RT – Real Time, Intelligent, Corrosion Analytics Framework

Predict-RT – Real Time, Intelligent, Corrosion Analytics Framework

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Predict® RT is an industry award winning software that gets refinery engineers and plant managers inside their assets, giving them real-time visibility on internal corrosion in piping and equipment. Combining field-proven corrosion prediction and refinery process data, it gives at-a-glance insight into cumulative corrosion damage and instantaneous rates across the plant. 

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Predict-RT is a novel, intelligent data analytics framework transforming the refining industry from traditional, reactive degradation management, to real-time, proactive, corrosion management through online, real-time corrosion prediction and monitoring.

Traditional corrosion measurement and monitoring methods, including inspections and weight loss coupons represent off-line, manual processes that cannot capture the ‘present’ state of criticality of a corroding system. Once unexpected corrosion damage has occurred, it cannot be undone, and a reactive response derived from historical data is established and implemented.

Forward Thinking for Better Operations

Predict-RT gets refinery engineers and plant managers intelligent data insights about their assets: providing updates every minute vs a yearly basis (typically). Plants gain accurate, relevant, data about corrosion damage since the last inspection or replacement, stemming from predictions based on current operating conditions. Combining field-proven corrosion prediction with refinery process data models, it gives at-a-glance visibility into corrosion levels, key hot-spots, mitigation and management strategies across the plant.

Models of reliability

A by-product of over two decades of Joint Industry Program (JIP) technical research and experimental data development, Predict-RT encapsulates the intelligence of predictive JIP models for critical refinery problems identified by leading refinery operators and JIP sponsors. With every JIP sponsored by multiple operating companies with a global footprint, we’ve been able to harness exhaustive laboratory research insights with unique access to real-world refinery data to deliver compelling analytical framework and provide plant operators real-time visibility into reliability. The result is predictive models able to forecast corrosion rates with high levels of confidence, the ability to correlate predicted data with inspection data and thickness measurements  

A New Paradigm to Ensure Superior Asset Integrity

Predict-RT offers visibility into what was invisible.  Now, operators can see corrosion as a real time process variable, enabling superior asset integrity

A Better Way to Understand and Quantify Corrosion

Corrosion engineers in refineries have been using old methods to quantify corrosion and applying approximate rules without accounting for complex contributions of transient operating conditions, flow dynamics and regimes. Predict-RT enables the engineers to see the impact of process transients on corrosion rates and long term unit functionality/integrity

Productivity and Safer Operations

  • Transform Process Data into Corrosion Intelligence

  • Build corrosion intelligence from process data by using corrosion analytics

  • Evaluate process data and make the right decisions on direction for process changes and minimize the impact of corrosion

  • Maximize throughput while limiting corrosion and operational risk

  • Quickly identify high corrosion rate locations 

  • Identify and extend actual process operating boundaries

  • Assist with inspection and turnaround planning by identifying the dates when critical thickness levels are attained

  • Instantly compare corrosion rates for multiple alloys

  • Identify locations for real-time monitoring

  • Promote collaboration and data sharing between Maintenance and Operations teams

  • Extend equipment life while improving reliability and availability

  • Integrate Operational Data into Maintenance and Inspection planning

With minute-by-minute insights on corrosion, Predict RT lets you run refinery assets more safely, more efficiently, longer, and with enhanced profitability:

  • Identify risks: alerts you when pipe wall thickness is a concern

  • Improve inspections: forecasts when corrosion allowances will reach thresholds

  • Extend asset life: identifies operating variables accelerating corrosion

  • Increase revenues: safely takes advantage of opportunity crudes and optimal throughput management

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