Predict-SW 4.0 – Accurate Sour Water Corrosion Prediction and Modeling

Predict-SW 4.0 – Accurate Sour Water Corrosion Prediction and Modeling

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​Honeywell’s Predict®-SW 4.0 software accurately predicts corrosion rates for typical process plant materials in corrosive NH4HS environments. Based on extensive data and a rigorous model from multiple Joint Industry Programs (JIPs), it helps users make fact-based financial and engineering decisions to optimize production and minimize the risk of corrosion. ​​​​

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Comprehensive Sour Water Corrosion Evaluation to Avoid Downtime and Enable Material Selection

Predict-SW 4.0 is a high-value corrosion modeling software designed to:

  • Predict corrosion rates for commonly used materials, including carbon steel, Monel and C-276, under a wide range of operating conditions

  • Quantify corrosion in alkaline sour water systems as a function of NH4HS concentration, velocity, H2S and NH3 partial pressure, cyanides and other additional parameters

  • Perform flow modeling, compute wall shear stress and analyze flow regimes in multi-phase flow

  • Study parametric effects with sensitivity analysis and multipoint analysis tool

  • Automate complete piping and REAC analysis with a 3-D piping model

  • Correlate flow effects with corrosion rate based on extensive lab data and flow modeling

  • Quantify, characterize and analyze sour water corrosion in multiple refinery units.

​Predict-SW 4.0 encapsulates inferences, experimental results, and research data from two phases of a comprehensive Joint Industry Program (JIP) sponsored by leading global refining and engineering companies. It uses this in-depth data and a numerical model derived from this data to analyze H2S-dominated alkaline sour systems. Its enhanced flow modeling module automates computation of fluid dynamic parameters such as pressure drops, flow regimes, void fractions and wall shear stresses for more accurate corrosion rate predictions.

By incorporating baseline data and additionally characterizing the effects of several key process variables on the corrosion rate in NH4HS environments, Predict-SW 4.0 provides enhanced accuracy to support corrosion prediction and material selection.

​Predict-SW 4.0 is an easy-to-use, intuitive software system that helps users accurately quantify corrosion for improved decision making. It enables the selection of appropriate materials and facilitates safe operational practices in refinery units and process plants, leading to enhanced safety and cost savings by preventing unplanned downtime that may stem from corrosion failures.

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Honeywell Corrosion Predict-SW-4.0The Predict®-SW 4.0 Corrosion Prediction Software System encapsulates inferences, experimental results, and research data from three phases of a Joint-Industry research program (JIP) sponsored by industry leading refining and engineering companies. 685.06 KBProduct Information Note5 Mar 2019
Predict® Corrosion Suite BrochurePrevent corrosion by intelligently predicting when it occurs326.11 KBBrochure13 Apr 2018
Prediction And Assessment Of Ammonium Bisulfide Corrosion Under Refinery Sour Water Service ConditionsPaper presented at NACE Expo 06. Author includes Russell D. Kane of Honeywell.379.88 KBWhitepaper7 May 2007
Prediction Of Ammonium Bisulfide Corrosion And Validation With Refinery Plant ExperiencePaper persented at NACE Expo 2006 by Michael S. Cayard & Walter G. Giesbrecht of Flint Hills Resources.273.83 KBWhitepaper7 May 2007

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