Predict 7.1 – Corrosion and Erosion Prediction Software for Carbon Steel – Free Demo Available

Predict 7.1 – Corrosion and Erosion Prediction Software for Carbon Steel – Free Demo Available

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Predict® 7.1 helps users predict and control carbon steel corrosion and erosion in CO2 and H2S environments. It draws on Honeywell’s corrosion research to capture the effects of key environmental and operating parameters on corrosion rates. Effective corrosion monitoring and control enables users to extend asset life, minimize production losses and comply with regulations.

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Improve Asset Utilization with CO2 and H2S Corrosion and Erosion Prediction Software

Honeywell’s Predict software takes an integrated, comprehensive perspective to intelligently assess system corrosivity and facilitates prediction of corrosion and erosion rates for carbon steels in production / transmission environments containing CO2 and/or H2S. The latest version – Predict 7.1 – helps users assess corrosion and erosion in oil and gas applications accurately, verify appropriate use of carbon steel, reduce corrosion/material expenditure significantly, and support efficient asset utilization. More specifically, it performs the following functions:

  • Predict rate of general corrosion and top of the line corrosion for carbon steel

  • Predict erosion rate for carbon steel and 5 Corrosion Resistant Alloys

  • Estimate the likelihood of pitting corrosion

  • Account for the effects of water phase behavior, water chemical analyses, scaling, multiphase flow, glycol injection (MEG, TEG and DEG) and corrosion inhibitors

Predict 7.1 makes corrosion and erosion prediction even easier with these features:

  • Calculate in-situ pH with data on system chemistry.  pH prediction module facilitates accurate inlet and outlet condition characterizations

  • Perform predictions from gaseous or aqueous CO2 / H2S data

  • Perform rigorous water phase behavior calculations from specified dew point or water flow data

  • Determine scaling effects due to formation of iron carbonate and iron sulfide scales

  • Perform advanced multi-phase flow modeling and correlate wall shear stress effects on corrosion rate from Joint Industry Program (JIP) data

  • Evaluate pipeline profiles with horizontal, vertical or inclined segments

  • Predict corrosive effects of systems with chlorides, oxygen or sulfur

  • Evaluate the impact of sand production rate and sand properties on erosion rates

  • Calculate water condensation rate and assess its impact on Top of the Line Corrosion​

With Predict 7.1, users can:

  • Evaluate and predict corrosion for a variety of corrosive environments with acid gases (CO2/H2S)

  • Evaluate and predict sand erosion for carbon steel and 5 Corrosion Resistant Alloys.

  • Consider Top of the Line Corrosion as part of their asset assessments

  • Graphically evaluate the impact of changes in liquid and gas velocities on flow regime and its stability

  • Perform comprehensive what-if scenario analyses by varying key operating variables using sensitivity analysis tools.

  • View graphically the expected service life using the predicted time to failure graph

  • Perform life cycle cost analysis​

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