Predict-Pipe 5.0 – Pipeline Corrosion Prediction and Prevention

Predict-Pipe 5.0 – Pipeline Corrosion Prediction and Prevention

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Predict®-Pipe 5.0 enables easy and accurate Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment of dry gas (DG-ICDA), wet gas (WG-ICDA) and Liquid Petroleum (LP-ICDA) pipelines exposed to corrosive environments due to water accumulation. The latest release integrates multi-phase flow modeling with Honeywell’s proven corrosion prediction technology to enable informed financial and engineering decisions.​​

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Predict-Pipe 4.3 offers: 

  • An ionic, pH computation module that accounts for the effects of 16 different anion and cation species

  • Rigorous water phase behavior calculations coupled with the ability to account for the effects of glycol (MEG, TEG and DEG)

  • Wet-Gas ICDA module to model onshore and off-shore natural gas pipeline systems carrying wet gas that may often contain produced or condensed water (Not covered by DG- ICDA)

  • (NEW) Liquid Petroleum ICDA module identifies segments where solids and/or water tend to accumulate and quantifies associated corrosion at such locations

  • Ability to accurately determine scaling effects due to formation of iron carbonate and iron sulfide scales as a function of temperature and pH

  • pH prediction module that facilitates accurate inlet and outlet condition characterizations

  • Corrosion prediction based on aqueous CO2 / H2S data.

  • Ability to accurately characterize role of oxygen concentration in corrosive systems

  • Improved rules to account for variation of water content in oil and gas systems (production and transmission).

  • CO2 and H2S Concentrations can be entered with very low values​

Predict-Pipe 5.0 is built upon a framework of standard industry practices (NACE SP0206, , SP0208), proprietary data from hundreds of laboratory tests that constituted a Joint Industry Project (JIP) on multi-phase CO2/H2S corrosion and the industry’s most comprehensive database on steel corrosion rates. The software incorporates environmental (electrochemical) as well as fluid dynamic parametric effects on corrosion.

Predict-Pipe 5.0 offers an intuitive user interface that takes a little time to master and delivers results quickly. In addition, a multiphase flow model enables the user to visualize the flow regime and evaluate the effects of flow occurring in a particular section of a pipe.

 With Predict-Pipe 5.0, users can:

  • Benefit from significant savings in inspecting and managing transmission pipelines

  • Prevent failure due to corrosion through proactive corrosion management 

  • Facilitate line assessment in situations where alternative methods (inline inspection, hydro testing) may be impractical because the pipelines are considered 'unpiggable'

  • Accurately identify critical segments with potential for corrosion damage

  • Perform detailed examination of gas (wet or dry) and liquid petroleum pipelines through appropriate identification of assessment sites

  • Predict phase behavior of water in transmission lines

  • Determine multiphase flow behavior and accurately correlate flow effects

  • Graphically view corrosion profile over entire length of pipeline

  • Perform comprehensive corrosion and cost characterization for entire pipeline systems. 

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Honeywell_Predict-Pipe-5.0Predict®-Pipe 5.0 is the latest release of the industry-leading pipeline corrosion evaluation software suite designed to accurately quantify corrosion in natural gas and liquid petroleum pipeline systems.393.06 KBProduct Information Note20 Mar 2019
Predict® Corrosion Suite BrochurePrevent corrosion by intelligently predicting when it occurs326.11 KBBrochure13 Apr 2018

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