Risk-IT 2.0 – Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Integrity Analyses for Oil and Gas Surface Facilities

Risk-IT 2.0 – Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Integrity Analyses for Oil and Gas Surface Facilities

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Risk-IT 2.0 automates Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and integrity analyses for Oil & Gas surface facilities. Risk-IT 2.0 help users quantify and manage corrosion-related risks, while prioritizing equipment inspection to ensure optimum service life and safety. Users can leverage its unique flexibility to address individual equipment service data as well as company-specific requirements for risk analysis and inspection planning.


Reduce the Risk of Failure Due to Corrosion and Cracking

Risk-IT 2.0 is a simple solution for characterizing and evaluating complex RBI processes. It evaluates two key criteria relating to the probability of failure due to corrosion and cracking mechanisms. It generates risk ranking and inspection planning matrices as per industry-standard API 581 and integrates both the probability and the consequence of failure. More specifically, it:

  • Encapsulates real world data and experience related to RBI based on the evaluation of equipment in oil and gas industry applications

  • Provides a framework to archive critical equipment information for inspection prioritization and analysis

  • Quantifies risk and consequence issues related to surface facilities.

In addition to offering a framework for risk and integrity analysis, Risk-IT 2.0 provides users the flexibility to customize it on their own or with Honeywell’s corrosion consulting team.

​The data for Risk-IT 2.0 stems from studies of failure probability related to corrosion and cracking mechanisms. Relationships have been identified and developed, and the resulting probabilities and failure consequences are integrated within Risk-IT to facilitate rank ordering and Risk Based Inspection.

In addition, it has 16 mechanisms to determine the probability of critical corrosion, cracking and mechanical failure. It uses multiple engineering parameters and a complex risk rating generation model for a quantified evaluation of environments, equipment and materials. An intuitive interface further simplifies the process of data capture and analysis, enabling substantial cost and time savings over and above traditional manual Risk Based Inspection tasks.

​Risk-IT 2.0 not only provides a framework for risk and integrity analysis of plant and pipeline facilities, but also offers users the flexibility to customize it on their own or engage Honeywell’s corrosion consulting team to provide the service. Furthermore, it provides a roadmap for a consistent approach to company-wide Risk Based Inspection implementation in the oil and gas industry applications.

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.​

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