SmartCET Wireless Corrosion Transmitter

SmartCET Wireless Corrosion Transmitter

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​Built upon the SmartCET® series of transmitters, Honeywell’s XYR 6000 model of corrosion transmitter enables plant operators to get highly accurate measurements of both general and pitting corrosion activity wirelessly using industry-standard ISA100 wireless technology to deliver significant cost benefits.​​​​​​​​

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XYR 6000 wireless corrosion transmitter enables users to obtain data from remote and hazardous measurement locations without the need to run wires. Plant operators can get the following benefits by using wireless corrosion monitoring technology:

  • Get all the features of SmartCET corrosion monitoring technology wirelessly

  • Measure corrosion remote access points simply, safe and securely

  • Obtain and utilize previously inaccessible corrosion data due to high wiring cost or hazardous locations.

  • Transmitters can be installed and operational in minutes, quickly providing information back to the system.

  • Enhance flexibility to monitor corrosion in applications:

    • that have no access to power

    • that are remote or difficult to reach

    • that may require frequent reconfiguration

    • where manual readings have been required previously.

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  • SmartCET Wireless Corrosion Transmitter
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Application Note2 May 2018Corrosion Monitoring in Cooling Water Systems372.63 KBCorrosion Monitoring in Cooling Water Systems
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