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Symphonite™ BLEND is a multi-period, multi-blend optimization software for petroleum products. It uses state-of-the-art technology to produce the optimum blending recipes for each batch in a short- or long-term blend campaign and generate an order or target for an online blending system. This helps refiners maximize profits by minimizing quality giveaway and suggests the optimum product mix and sequence while meeting commitments on product demand. ​​​​​​​​

Symphonite BLEND is a flexible platform that helps users 

  • Develop models uniquely representative of refinery’s blending operations.

  • Build optimized recipes taking into account component availability, cost and quality, tank constraints, blender constraints, pumping constraints, recipe constraints, product demand and prices, product delivery schedule, linear and non-linear blending correlations, including blending bonuses, etc.

  • Perform all of the calculations required to meet specific product specifications and delivery of a basic scheduled campaign.

  • Maximizes profitability and frees users from performing these time-consuming calculations and evaluations of alternatives, including component buy and sell decisions.

Symphonite BLEND's key features include:

  • Combining multi-product, multi-period LP & MIP with scheduling algorithms to produce an optimum set of blending orders that meet specifications, reduce giveaway, and honor tank inventory and pumping constraints.

  • Supports three commercial nonlinear blending methods - Ethyl Corporation’s RT-205 equation, ExxonMobil Corporation’s transformation method and DuPont’s interaction coefficient method.

  • Intuitive user interface allows users to easily build and modify models. Easily update model input data and model solution data.

  • Collection of actual blend information from on-line blend control system, and utilizes the on-line analyzer data, coupled with regression techniques, to update the linear blending bonuses in BLEND to accurately predict blend property.  

  • Generate blend orders for online blend control system.

Additional features include:

  • Summary and results reporting.

  • Specification and target blending.

  • Reformulated gasoline blending.

  • Dynamic Gantt chart for blend schedule adjustments.

  • Integration with laboratory and tank gauging system, and online blend control software via import/ export facilities.​

  • Graphical Visualization of the tank quantities based on schedule.  

  • Blend Trim Calculator for final recipes tuning.

Symphonite BLEND:

  • Generates a feasible and optimal recipe for each blend for a short-term or long-term campaign

  • Improves overall refinery profitability by optimum use of component inventory, reduced quality giveaway, better product mix while meeting the product specifications and demand

  • Let’s refiners take advantage of immediate market opportunities while still adhering to their operating plan and physical constraints

  • Addresses product specification requirements for environmental compliance.  

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