Symphonite – Software for Supply Chain and Production Management

Symphonite – Software for Supply Chain and Production Management

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Honeywell’s Symphonite™ portfolio of software and services provides an end-to-end solution for supply chain and production management (SCPM) processes. From corporate level commercial optimization to post-execution reconciliation and analysis, it offers comprehensive, scalable answers to industrial users' challenges. Built on deep domain knowledge, these tools help users make better business decisions and drive continuous improvement, thereby helping them achieve supply chain and production management excellence.  

Symphonite BLEND
Symphonite BLEND is a multi-period, multi-blend optimization software for petroleum products. It uses state-of-the-art technology to produce the optimum blending recipes for each batch in a short- or long-term blend campaign.
Symphonite Capacity and Distribution Planner (CDP)
Symphonite Capacity and Distribution Planner (CDP) is a planning tool for oil and gas facilities. It helps users model supply and demand balance problems for production and distribution networks.
Symphonite Downtime Reporter
Symphonite Downtime Reporter helps identify, target and eliminate the root causes of costly production delays and plant downtime.
Symphonite Integration and Analytics
Honeywell’s Symphonite Integration and Analytics (SIA) solution is a structured productized approach to customers grappling with supply chain integration challenges.
Symphonite Production Accounting and Reconciliation (PAR)
Symphonite Production Accounting and Reconciliation (PAR) is Honeywell’s statistical data reconciliation software for resolving material and energy balance problems in refining, oil and gas, chemicals and mining industries.
Symphonite Production Manager
Symphonite Production Manager is a manufacturing execution system (MES) that closes the gap between the plant automation control system and corporate business systems for seamless information integration.
Symphonite Refining and Petrochemical Modeling System (RPMS)
Symphonite RPMS (Refining and Petrochemical Modeling System) is Honeywell’s flagship planning software and a decision support system that builds and analyzes mathematical programming models of Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical and Oil and Gas facilities.
Symphonite SAND
Symphonite SAND is a supply and distribution optimization tool that helps determine the most cost-effective method to address users’ raw material needs as well as the demands of their customers in process industries.

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