Symphonite Production Manager

Symphonite Production Manager

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Symphonite Production Manager enables real-time visibility of the production facility by connecting multiple business systems to transform production and consumption data into actionable intelligence. This enables a holistic view of the value chain thus managing inventories and material movements across the value chain to reduce waste and rejects, tracking energy and consumables use and other such opportunities to achieve production excellence. 

Symphonite Production Manager is a web-based production information management system that collects and presents production data for reporting and analysis. Production Manager includes the following: 

  • A flexible environment to build a variety of solutions to cater to specific needs of customers such as:

    • Material Management

      • Batch Production Tracking

      • Continuous Production Tracking

      • Stockpile Management

      • Quality Management

    • Logistics Management

  • An integrated module to manage production targets and support comparison of planned targets with actual production rates

  • An integrated train tracking system to reduce train loading turnaround time for bulk material industries (e.g. coal mines). 

  • Integration with Downtime Reporter module to seamlessly analyze production and downtime information.

  • Powerful suite of pre-configured web reports

  • Data traceability for regulatory compliance 

  • Integrated Windows security for role-based user access

  • Flexible and scalable architecture.

Symphonite Production Manager connects to plant control systems such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), SCADA, distributed control systems (DCS) and historians through bi-directional OPC data collection engines. These engines use data ‘store and forward’ mechanisms to ensure system robustness from network failures. Symphonite Production Manager enables ISA 95 based execution by supporting translation of ERP production orders to control level instructions and using this information to support order tracking, genealogy and related business process. 

Custom web page configuration using charts, gauges and data grids allows users to easily configure dashboard screens that consolidate key plant performance information for easy identification of underperforming assets. These dashboards can be extended in enterprise solutions to include performance indicators from various operating plants and allow at-a-glance comparison of plant key performance indicators.

A successful implementation of Symphonite Production Manager helps streamline management of production processes leading to the following benefits:

  • Accurate overview of plant’s inputs and outputs in real-time

  • Decisions based on reliable manufacturing data

  • Manage and track inventory and material movements across the entire value chain and control production and costs

  • Decrease waste and reject

  • Reduce energy usage and costs, and determine future energy saving opportunities

  • Optimize consumable inventory

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​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner.  Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College, as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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