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Uniformance Insight

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Honeywell Uniformance® Insight is a fully integrated, thin-client software solution that helps engineers, operations team and other key plant personnel easily visualize and explore information for effective analysis and troubleshooting. Plants benefit from greater process intelligence that enables smarter and faster business decisions.

Uniformance Insight offers: 

  • Standards-based technology for data integration, key performance information and visualization using existing IT/data systems.

  • Flexible connectivity to a wide variety of information sources for improved data visualization, including Honeywell’s Uniformance Process History Database (PHD).

  • Configurable dashboard, making plant data easier to trend, chart, monitor, report and display via Web graphics or display.

  • Intuitive navigation to minimize the time required to access critical information.

  • Versatile visualization tool for monitoring process conditions and investigating events.

  • Collaborative environment to share useful displays with co-workers – process information available in the office from a PC or in the field from a tablet.

  • Ease of management with all software located on the server (no installation on user devices).

  • Tight integration with business and manufacturing execution system (MES) applications via an HTML5 solution.

​​Uniformance Insight provides advanced visualization technology that can be pushed to many users and integrated with business and MES applications. This is accomplished by providing an HTML5 solution and applications that use common components.

With a thin-client interface, Uniformance Insight can also be deployed to end-users with little or no IT support and with minimal training. The software features an install with numerous smart defaults. Its HTML5 technologies were designed with operational and Level 4 (L4) needs in mind, especially the re-use of displays across levels.

Uniformance Insight employs the same HMIWeb technologies as Experion PKS, reducing training time to build displays and allowing personnel to monitor and analyze plant processes in a clear and simple manner.

In today’s process industries, smarter decision-making enabled by greater insight into operations and enterprise collaboration is crucial. Uniformance Insight allows users to visualize and explore key information anytime and anywhere. With a powerful data monitoring capability, it provides access to timely and meaningful data to help plants maintain safe production with higher uptime, minimize operating costs, reduce risks, and ensure regulations are met.​

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Uniformance Insight R210.1 SpecificationRelease system sizing, topologies, and performance/ Applied to R210.1 826.95 KBTech Spec23 Sep 2019
Uniformance Suite: Real-time Digital Intelligence through Unified Data, Analytics and VisualizationHoneywell’s Uniformance Suite provides real-time digital intelligence through advanced process and event data collection, asset-centric analytics and powerful visualization technology, turning plant data into actionable information to enable smart operations. This solution becomes the backbone for the “Internet of Things” (IoT) for your organization and puts “data” in Big Data. With the Uniformance Suite, industrial organizations can maintain safe production with higher uptime, minimize operating costs, reduce risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.i550.75 KBBrochure4 Jan 2018
Uniformance Insight R110 Spec Sheet Uniformance Insight R110 Spec Sheet 2.64 MBTech Spec24 Aug 2017
Uniformance Suite Brochure - GermanHoneywells Uniformance Suite bietet digitale Intelligenz in Echtzeit durch erweiterte Prozess- und Ereignisdatensammlung, anlagenbezogene Analysen und eine leistungsfähige Visualisierungstechnologie, die Werksdaten in umsetzbare Informationen wandelt, für intelligente Betriebsabläufe.577.6 KBBrochure1 May 2017
PIN - Uniformance InsightHoneywell’s Uniformance Insight provides a fully integrated solution where information is easily monitored and explored for effective analysis and troubleshooting by engineers, operations teams and other key personnel. Plants benefit from greater process intelligence enabling smarter and faster business decisions.1.3 MBProduct Information Note13 Feb 2017
Public Support Documentation
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Honeywell Uniformance Insight R102.1 HMIWeb Patch 1 Software Change NoticeDocument describing Patch 1 and how to apply it 402.97 KBSupport Document24 Aug 2017
Honeywell Uniformance Insight Graphics Scripting User GuideThis document provides information about authoring scripts in HMIWeb Display Builder for customizing the graphics to be used in Uniformance Insight. This document also provides some example scripts for reference.170.76 KBSupport Document7 Aug 2017
Uniformance Insight R110 SpecificationDocument covering a system overview, major components, compatibility, system sizing, and feature comparisons to UPS and Workcenter.610.26 KBSupport Document7 Aug 2017
Honeywell Uniformance Insight Installation Guide R110This document provides instructions to install Uniformance Insight.464.49 KBSupport Document7 Aug 2017

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.​

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