Uniformance Process History Database (PHD)

Uniformance Process History Database (PHD)

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Scalable, secure, robust and open, Uniformance® PHD helps users make better and faster decisions with superior data management. Key product features include:

  • Data for monitoring process conditions and engineering analysis

  • Unmatched incident investigation using process data (tags) and events

  • Reliable, robust archive suitable for regulatory and other reporting

  • Open interfaces for integration to business and manufacturing excellence programs.

Watch the videos under the Demo tab to see how users can work with PHD data.

Uniformance PHD layers on top of the DCS to provide a historian for engineering and business analytics. It collects, stores and replays historical and continuous plant process data. Data analysis and monitoring may be done at the engineer’s desktop, reducing data gathering time by 25% or more. 

New to Uniformance PHD? Now Improve Decision Making in your Plant

Uniformance PHD helps improve visibility across the supply chain to transform islands of process and business data into valuable information, enabling organizations to make better and faster decisions.

Use Uniformance PHD already? Avoid the risks of obsolescence and get superior features with the new releases!

Uniformance helps businesses avoid the risks of obsolescence and adopt the latest Windows and SQL Server platforms. Get superior data management with powerful new tools and an intuitive user experience.

Uniformance PHD offers:

  • Scalable, distributed architecture: Data can be collected from disparate data sources into a single database that can be expanded to handle thousands of users and millions of tags.

  • Security: Provides support for commonly required firewall configurations and protection against unauthorized access.

  • Reliability: Data collection and history recovery features provide complete data, even after interruptions.

  • Open: OPC server license for easy integration with third-party applications.

  • Event History: Consolidated Event Journal (CEJ) provides long-term storage of events such as alarms, operator changes and notifications, for Experion®, OPC and TPS systems.

  • Superior functionality with Uniformance Process Studio: Powerful new tools provide superior incident investigation and analysis. Modern administration tools deliver enhanced user experience.

  • Experion Advantage: Seamless integration with Experion protects against data loss. Auto tag loading and synchronization dramatically reduce start-up time.

  • Proven Migration: For users on previous Uniformance PHD releases, migration entails minimal disruption and zero data loss.

Millions of dollars are lost every year due to unplanned production losses. Uniformance PHD is a proven solution that provides users with tools to convert process data into valuable information to help detect faults and improve processes. As a result, users enjoy higher data security and reliability, along with lower total cost of ownership.

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PIN - Uniformance PHDUniformance PHD PIN English250.81 KBProduct Information Note14 May 2019
Uniformance Suite: Real-time Digital Intelligence through Unified Data, Analytics and VisualizationHoneywell’s Uniformance Suite provides real-time digital intelligence through advanced process and event data collection, asset-centric analytics and powerful visualization technology, turning plant data into actionable information to enable smart operations. This solution becomes the backbone for the “Internet of Things” (IoT) for your organization and puts “data” in Big Data. With the Uniformance Suite, industrial organizations can maintain safe production with higher uptime, minimize operating costs, reduce risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.i550.75 KBBrochure4 Jan 2018
Uniformance PHD Server R340 Specification SheetUniformance PHD Server R340 Specification Sheet1.8 MBTech Spec23 Aug 2017
Uniformance PHD PIN SpanishUniformance PHD PIN Spanish311.35 KBProduct Information Note21 Aug 2017
Integrating Automation - Xigu Case StudyCase study of a terminal in northern-central China that benefitted from integrating a new automation system.2.21 MBArticle Reprint7 Jun 2017
Uniformance Suite Brochure - GermanHoneywells Uniformance Suite bietet digitale Intelligenz in Echtzeit durch erweiterte Prozess- und Ereignisdatensammlung, anlagenbezogene Analysen und eine leistungsfähige Visualisierungstechnologie, die Werksdaten in umsetzbare Informationen wandelt, für intelligente Betriebsabläufe.577.6 KBBrochure1 May 2017
PHD-Experion-Integration-PINPHD Experion Integration Product Informaton Note930.81 KBProduct Information Note3 Apr 2017
Uniformance PHD R321 Tech and SpecUniformance PHD R321 Tech and Spec204.13 KBTech Spec17 Mar 2015
Uniformance PHD R320 Tech and SpecUniformance PHD R320 Tech and Spec225.72 KBTech Spec30 Jul 2014
Empowering the Enterprise Level with HistoriansAchieving consistent, reliable data requires the right approach in both the historian and connected applications.290.36 KBArticle Reprint27 Jan 2012
Public Support Documentation
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Uniformance PHD R400.1.3 Software Change NoticeRelease Letter describing problems fixed and how to apply the patch.322.98 KBSoftware Change Notice6 Sep 2021
Uniformance PHD R400.1.3Patch includes all fixes previously released in PHD R400.1.1 and R400.1.2. Includes updated to CEJServer, PHDClient and PHD Server. 12.91 MBSoftware Download6 Sep 2021
Uniformance PHD R400.1.2 Software Change NoticeRelease Letter describing problems fixed and how to apply the patch341.63 KBSoftware Change Notice17 May 2021
Uniformance PHD R400.1.2Patch includes all fixes previously released in PHD R400.1.2 HF1, HF2, HF3, HF4, HF5, HF6 and HF7. Includes addition changes to CEJ, DBClient, NameSpace Server, PHDClient, PHDServer, UDBServer and TagSync8.8 MBSoftware Download17 May 2021
Uniformance PHD R400.1.1 hotfix4Hotfix4 consists of an updated unfdbole.dll (version 400.1.0.2) and resolves the following issue: UDBServer memory leak - 1-C9K66BH 221.7 KBSoftware Download3 Apr 2020
PHD400.1.1-hotfix3-phdknlshrHotfix3 consists of an updated phdknlshr.dll (version 400.1.0.3) and resolves the following issue: PHDServer hangs when rolling over archives due to constore deadlock if previously active archive has future data 1-CKDAI03 Registry settings fail to migrate from HKLM\Software\Honeywell\Uniformance\PHDServer to service folder on upgrade 1-CN62ZAP 476.28 KBSoftware Download30 Mar 2020
Uniformance PHD R400.1.1The zip file contains updates to CEJ, database, PHDClient, PCT, USC, PHDServer and PHDStart, as well as the SCN.14.21 MBSoftware Download6 Mar 2020
PHD400.1.1-hotfix1-networkconsists of an updated network.dll (version 400.1.0.2) and resolves the following issue: RDC Connections fail when a node attempts to connect to a node that is not available or not running, resource leak in RemotePeerClient if attempting to connect to a node not configured or not running. 215.43 KBSoftware Download25 Feb 2020
PHD400.1.1-hotfix2-phdknlshrconsists of an updated phdknlshr.dll (version 400.1.0.2) and resolves the following issue: On a PHD system with redundant Collectors, history recovery data for integer / long datatype tags can be over-written with “0” values. 373.61 KBSoftware Download25 Feb 2020
PHD R340.1.2 patchPatch replacing PHD R340.1.18.68 MBSoftware Download18 Dec 2018
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Honeywell Gets to the Heart of the Issue to Protect Quality Honeywell’s data analytics and Uniformance® Suite helped save business worth $20 million a year by rapidly identifying the cause of a chemical quality issue for a supplier in the semiconductor industry. 136.95 KB6 Nov 2017
Uniformance PHD Selected as Choice Historian for Gas ProcessorApplication Note - Uniformance PHD Selected as Choice Historian for Gas Processor619.34 KB30 Mar 2017
Huawei Selects Honeywell for Central Asia Gas Pipeline Project Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., an engineering, procurement, and construction management company (EPC), needed an automation provider that could help with the tight project schedule, making delivery to meet the end user’s requirements. 196.61 KB4 Aug 2016
Kotka Energy Improves Reliability and Efficiency with Honeywell Solutions and ServicesA Power Generation company from Finland implements Uniformance Process History Database (PHD)203.41 KB1 May 2013
Nuon Improves Process Monitoring with Uniformance® PHDEurope's leading energy company chooses Uniformance PHD224.38 KB1 May 2013
Tüpras Improves Data Management with Uniformance PHDThe largest oil refinery in Turkey Improves Data Management with Uniformance PHD203.94 KB24 Apr 2013
Finland Plant Ensures Clean Water Production and Distribution with Honeywell’s Remote Network and Monitoring SolutionsEuropean company ensures Clean Water Production and Distribution with Unifromance PHD 187.93 KB23 Apr 2013
Dominion Energy Minimizes Downtime and Improves Reliability with HoneywellA leading provider of electricity, natural gas and related services the U.S chooses Uniformance PHD179.33 KB22 Apr 2013
Deza Improves Performance with Honeywell’s Advanced Process ControlEuropean company specializing in processing coal tar and crude benzol improves Performance with Unifromance PHD 199.09 KB21 Apr 2013

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.​

Get Microsoft SilverlightUnmatched Incident Investigation with Trend and Event Visualization - Uniformance Release 320
Get Microsoft SilverlightEasy, Intuitive and Flexible Trends with Uniformance Release 320
Get Microsoft SilverlightTrend Dashboard for Easy Overview of Process Conditions - Uniformance Release 320
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