UniSim Design Suite – Free Trial of Simulation Software Now Available

UniSim Design Suite – Free Trial of Simulation Software Now Available

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Honeywell’s UniSim® Design Suite is an intuitive process modeling software that helps engineers create steady-state and dynamic models for plant design, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, business planning, and asset management.

The process simulation market is under transformation. Triggered by technological advancements and new customer requirements, process simulation models, which have traditionally been desktop analysis and decision-making tools, are now leveraged into new high-value solutions, such as “connected” operational monitoring. Find out more about how Honeywell delivers value to customers, with the UniSim Design’s new platform and refining offering.​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

UniSim Design Brochure 

UniSim Design for Refining PIN  

White Paper: The Value First-Principles Process Simulation Brings to Refining​​



UniSim Design Suite is a powerful process modeling software that provides steady state and dynamic process simulation in an integrated environment. It provides powerful tools to help engineers evolve process optimization designs with lower project risks, prior to committing to capital expenditures. Major use cases in process modeling using UniSim Design Suite include:

  • Process flowsheet development

  • Utilizing case scenarios tool to optimize designs against business criteria

  • Equipment rating across a broad range of operating conditions

  • Evaluating the effect of feed changes, upsets and alternate operations on process safety, reliability and profitability

  • Accurately size and select the appropriate material for blowdown systems​

  • Monitoring equipment performance against operating objectives.

UniSim Design offers the following features:

  • Easy-to-Use Windows Environment: UniSim Design provides a clear and concise graphical representation of the process flowsheets, including productivity features such as cut, copy, paste, auto connection and organizing large cases into sub-flowsheets.

  • Comprehensive Thermodynamics and Unit Operation Models: UniSim Design supports process modeling of distillation, reaction, heat transfer, rotating equipment and logical operations in both steady-state and dynamic environments. These models are proven to deliver quality realistic results and handle various situations such as vessel emptying or overflowing and reverse flow.

  • Active X (OLE Automation) Compliance: Permits the integration of user-created unit operations, proprietary reaction kinetic expressions and specialized property packages and interfaces easily with programs such as Microsoft® Excel® and Visual Basic®

With UniSim Design, users achieve

  • Optimized designs (lower CAPEX and/or OPEX), resulting from the accuracy of prediction, embedded industry standards, and open architecture to link to specialist 3rd party tools and customer's IP

  • Increased engineering effectiveness (productivity and efficiency) by up to 30%, through the availability of productivity tools, implementation of best practices and attention to workflows

  • Lower total cost of ownership throughout a project or plant asset lifecycle, with the creation, re-use, and updating of the same models on a single software platform

  • Faster startups and smoother operation for plant assets, resulting in earlier profits, through tested and improved operational procedures

  • Increased safety of operation resulting from safety system design and HAZOP studies

  • Delivery of high-value services and operational knowledge transfer by process technology licensors, as they can develop and protect their IP with the UniSim Design simulation platform.

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2149-UniSim-Design-Suite-R460-BrochureBrochure for USD R460 release.582.75 KBBrochure22 Nov 2017
UniSim Design Brochure - SpanishUniSim Design Brochure - Spanish2.19 MBBrochure20 Nov 2017
UniSim-Design-Brochure-ChineseUniSim-Design-Brochure-Chinese1.69 MBBrochure14 Jul 2017
UniSim-Design-R451-Release-Bulletin-2017UniSim-Design-R451-Release-Bulletin-2017324.54 KBProduct Information Note31 Jan 2017
UniSim Design Suite PIN-R451UniSim Design Suite product information note282.64 KBProduct Information Note23 Jan 2017
UniSimDesign-PRS-PIN-R450UniSim PRS PIN236.92 KBProduct Information Note1 Nov 2016
UniSim Design Safety PINUniSim Design Safety System Design Bundle - Product Information Note277.49 KBProduct Information Note18 Oct 2016
UniSim Design Suite Brochure (CIS)UniSim Design Suite Brochure for the CIS Market2.36 MBBrochure10 Aug 2016
UniSim-Design-R450-Release-Bulletin-2016UniSim-Design-R450-Release-Bulletin-2016572.87 KBProduct Information Note10 Aug 2016
Public Support Documentation
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Vessel Geometry CalculationsExcel sheet to perform vessel geometry calculations. This spreadsheet accompanies the whitepaper on vessels with dished heads.386.18 KBSupport Document4 Feb 2014
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OTS Through the Cloud at LindeLinde used the Honeywell UniSim Operation solution to roll out sophisticated simulator-based training for its Remote Operating Centers controlling gas plants across the globe. 582.29 KB11 Oct 2017
Case Study-GDF SUEZ EP-UniSim DesignCase Study-GDF SUEZ EP-UniSim Design154.52 KB24 May 2017
EDRC Trains Students Using Honeywell’s Simulation SolutionThe Engineering Development Research Center at Seoul National University (SNU) employs UniSim to improve the competency of plant personnel and help prepare them faster through realistic training experiences..265.82 KB4 Apr 2016
Honeywell’s Partnership with Atlantic Enables Delivery of World Class LNG OTSHoneywell’s Partnership with Atlantic Enables Delivery of World Class LNG OTS213.36 KB26 Oct 2015
Honeywell’s OTS Helps Saratov Oil Refinery Ensure Efficient and Reliable ProcessesJSC Saratov Oil Refinery, part of Russia's Rosneft invested in Honeywell’s Operator Training and Simulation (OTS) to improve operator skills, reduce start-Up times and sustain safe and optimum production.266.49 KB19 Aug 2015
Total Lindsey Oil Refinery UniSimTotal's Lindsey Oil Refinery Improves Operations with Updated Honeywell Technology.133.88 KB5 May 2014
GDF SUEZ E&P in the Netherlands Optimizes Pipeline Processes using UniSim Design Suite GDF SUEZ E&P in the Netherlands Optimizes Pipeline Processes using UniSim Design Suite 154.52 KB23 Jan 2014
ExxonMobil Applies Experiential LearningExxonMobil Applies Experiential Learning Cycles in Training Simulation312.34 KB11 Oct 2013
FertiNitro Reduces Shutdowns with Honeywell UniSimThrough the joint effort of FertiNitro and Honeywell, an operator training simulator (OTS) was developed for the ammonia and urea plants.252.67 KB14 Dec 2012
Chemrec Uses Honeywell UniSimA pulp and paper company based in Europe chooses Unisim Design.305.16 KB3 Jun 2011

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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