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Experion®LX is a purpose-built distributed control system (DCS) leveraging the proven Experion PKS technology to effectively meet process automation requirements in continuous and batch process control applications. This flexible automation solution is simple to use and configure and is ideal for differently sized industrial operations in a wide range of industries.

Learn how Experion LX can be a purpose fit solution for various process applications. Download our eBook "A Control Solution That Meets Your Application Needs".




Experion LX helps users:

  • Manage all continuous process control applications
  • Optimize batch and sequence-oriented applications
  • Scale from a single personal computer and controller to many stations and controllers
  • Benefit from Honeywell’s latest C300 controller and new Series 8 I/O platform that offers compact footprint, and easy installation and maintenance
  • Utilize in-built function blocks, pre-built templates and rich function libraries
  • Address their specific requirements
  • Integrate with existing automation systems, including PLCs, DCS, RTUs, drives and smart field devices.

Its straightforward configuration and advanced engineering tools enable faster project implementation and system changes to meet changing business demands.

Experion LX is packed with features for controlling and optimizing applications:

  • Controller-based S88-compliant modular batch control
  • High-performance Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) network
  • Revolutionary Profit Loop algorithm for predictive control
  • Optional redundancy at all levels: server, network, C300 controller, Series 8 I/O modules
  • Powerful reporting tool for fast debugging and system maintenance
  • Complete HMIWeb solution pack to develop ASM compliant displays
  • Advanced alarm management tools for alarm shelving, tracking, paging and dynamic suppression
  • Smart device integration through industry standard protocols such as HART, Modbus and Profibus
  • Distributed Server Architecture (DSA) for integration of processes across multiple units, control rooms or geographies
  • Easy-to-use engineering tools with templates, enhanced bulk build and bulk edit functions, control strategy simulation, loop tuning and pre-built displays
  • Virtualization solutions for improved performance and reliability
  • Improve lifecycle management and change control process verification with regulatory compliance.

​Experion LX helps users:

  • Maximize plant uptime and improve plant reliability
  • Optimize plant efficiency and increase scalability for future expansion
  • Boost plant performance and agility to respond to business changes
  • Enhance operator effectiveness and safety through alarm management, display management and procedural operations designed in association with the Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) Consortium
  • Communicate effortlessly with third-party devices and drives
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Public Support Documentation
16 Documents FoundItems per page :
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Experion-PanelPC-Hardware SpecsExperion PPC is an industrial grade Touch Panel PC that extends Experion UI to local field operations with controllers. This robust, easy to maintain hardware is built on open industry standards and provides the proven Experion User Interface. Experion PPC brings proven Experion HMI experience for machine or process level operations, enabling improved operator response, quick startup & commissioning and lower maintenance costs. Support Tech Spec24 Aug 2018
Experion LX Overview This guide provides brief descriptions about the functions and components that can be combined to personalize your Experion system. Support Manual18 Jul 2018
FTE Overview and Implementation GuideThis guide contains basic installation instructions and configuration requirements for an FTE network and its components. Support Manual18 Jul 2018
Experion LX Software Installation GuideThis guide describes how to install Experion LX, and the different methods to install Experion LX.Support Manual18 Jul 2018
Experion Configuration Studio OverviewThis guide describes the user interface of the Configuration Studio and an overview of the configuration tasks.Support Manual18 Jul 2018
Experion Quick Builder User's GuideThis guide describes how to use Quick Builder to configure system items, such as controllers (other than Process Controllers), points, Flex Stations, and printers.Support Manual18 Jul 2018
Experion LX Series 8 IO User's GuideThe procedures in this document are intended to give you the ability to perform basic tasks with the Series 8 I/O such as configuring hardware devices, continuous control strategies.Support Manual18 Jul 2018
Experion LX HMIWeb Display Building GuideThis guide describes how to create custom web-based displays using HMIWeb Display Builder.Support Manual18 Jul 2018
Experion LX ControlEdge PLC Interface Reference GuideThis guide describes how to set up, configure, and troubleshoot Experion integration with ControlEdge PLC.Support Manual18 Jul 2018
Experion LX PCDI Implementation GuideThis Guide provides information about using the licensed Peer Control Data Interface (PCDI) function to interface Honeywell's Safety Manager or third-party peer devices supporting MODBUS TCP communications with the Experion C300 Controller.Support Manual18 Jul 2018
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TotalCare Services for Scalable Control Solutions brochure TotalCare Services for Scalable Control Solutions brochureBrochure9 Nov 2020
Field Instruments and Control Solutions CatalogueHoneywell’s comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control products, combined with our software solutions and open interfaces for data access, enable you to manage your plant assets and optimize your enterprise. Learn more. Brochure20 Nov 2018
ExperionLX-Driving-Profitabilityin-SpecialityChem-WhitepaperA whitepaper that discusses how your control solution partner can help drive profitability, proces efficiency, production flexibility and agility if it is a perfect fit DCS like Experion LX, with reference to speciality chemical manufacturing.Whitepaper16 Nov 2017
Whitepaper Experion ControlEdgePLC IntegrationThe Honeywell Experion® platform when combined with ControlEdgeTM PLC provides an integrated control solution for optimized operations and maintenance efficiencies.Whitepaper7 Nov 2017
eBook Five features to look for in a DCSThis eBook explores the 5 key features we should look for before investing in a DCS.Brochure18 Aug 2017
ExperionLX-For Food-n-Beverage-SolutionNoteWith Honeywell’s Experion LX solution, F&B facilities of all sizes can meet their most demanding automation requirements. This flexible DCS boosts the performance of plant operations by enabling improvements to reliability, agility and efficiencySolution Note12 Apr 2017
DCS OR PLC WhitepaperThe Perils of a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Distributed Control System: For certain industries, a DCS provide substantially more value as the basis for automating the plant than a PLC- based system.Whitepaper24 Mar 2017
ExperionLX-for-PharmaceuticalOperationsHoneywell’s Experion® LX Distributed Control System (DCS) is a perfect fit for pharmaceutical and biotech operations of any size or scope.Solution Note25 Jan 2017
ExperionLX Whitepaper DCS Adapting to realities of todays MFGWhitepaper on How DCS Technology Evolved Into a Scalable Automation SolutionWhitepaper23 Sep 2016
HON WP DCS Adapting to realities of today's MFG Driven by technological evolution in recent years, manufacturers of process automation systems now offer DCS solutions with greater scalability as an alternative to PLCs in some industrial plant applications.Whitepaper1 Sep 2016
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Vaccine Production Benefits from State of the Art Control SolutionExperion LX enables LG Life Sciences to realize the performance advantages of a true distributed control solution at reduced cost with full validation support.22 Dec 2016
Transnational Blenders Improves Blending Performance and Reliability with Experion LXBusiness growth and increasing product demand necessitated a more advanced control system. Following evaluation of various solutions and suppliers TNB settled on the Honeywell Experion LX system, C300 Series 8 controllers and eServers to replace the existing in-house system.6 Sep 2016
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