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ControlEdge PCD

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ControlEdge™ PCD comes with enhanced cybersecurity and high-level language programming and is compatible with its native PCD3 I/O family. Its operating system, which includes all application and communication programs, is signed and encrypted, allowing operators to prevent unauthorized access to the process control system. ControlEdge PCD is programmed according to the IEC 61131-3 industrial standard for application development and supports all languages outlined therein.

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ControlEdge PCD is a new generation PLC with modular IO and multiple communication interfaces. It provides a high degree of resilience with CPU redundancy, robustness, reliability and proven design, with more than 30 years of field usage. With its stable cassette construction combined with integrated communication interfaces and numerous expansion options, it is highly versatile. The CPU's generous memory resources allow you to record, monitor, archive and manage data and statuses largely without PC systems. Additionally, it supports an Integrated Web Server for monitoring and control, and an Engineering Tool with a graphical Web Editor for visualization.

ControlEdge PCD provides numerous features to suit a wide range of automation needs, such as:

Powerful and Efficient Engineering: high-level language programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3 provides greater flexibility. It allows access to a large community of developers whose published solutions can be reused with greater ease.

Cyber Security: based on the industrial automation standard ANSI ISA 62443 (SL 3/SL 4), its built-in security features ensure a secure connection to the Internet and Cloud, all the while encrypting the transfer and storage of data. Furthermore, it relies on modern role-based user management.

Multi-protocol support in a single controller: easy and seamless system integration of up to 14 communication interfaces. Users have full freedom to combine various protocols via Ethernet and serial ports – such as OPC-UA, Web/IT protocols (E-Mail, SMS, HTTPs, MQTT), Modbus, and Profinet. Users can also integrate custom specific protocols by the application program.

Encryption keeps your data safe: supports Micro SD cards up to 32GB, providing large storage for user data such as trend logs, alarm and event history, as well as any other information generated during operation. The encrypted file system protects the data against unauthorized access.

PCD3 IO System: modular pluggable PCD3 IO family with a range of signal support such as Digital inputs (Low Voltage 24/48V DC, High voltage 110V/ 230VAC), Digital Outputs (24V DC, relays), mix DI/DO, fast counters, Analog inputs (mA, V, RTD, Thermocouple), Analog output (mA, V) and also an IO simulation unit.

ControlEdge PCD’s scalable design, compact form factor, fast execution time, pre-defined functions, certification, superior price to performance ratio, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity makes it a universal controller for a range of small to medium applications, such as:

  • Water and Waste Water
  • Infrastructure – Tunnels/Metro
  • Marine
  • Power
  • Data Centers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals
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51-52-03-81_DS_PCD3W300(EN)Analog input module, 8 channel, 12 bit, 0 … 10 VTech Spec12 Jun 2020
51-52-03-82_DS_PCD3W305(EN)Analog input module, 7 channel, 12 bit, 0 … 10 V, electrically isolated from the CPUTech Spec12 Jun 2020
51-52-03-83_DS_PCD3W310(EN)Analog input module, 8 channel, 12 bit, 0 … 20 mATech Spec12 Jun 2020
51-52-03-85_DS_PCD3W325(EN)Analog input module, 7 channel, 12 bit, - 10 …+ 10 V, electrically isolated from the CPUTech Spec12 Jun 2020
51-52-03-98_DS_PCD7F110S(EN)Serial interface module RS-422 / RS-485Tech Spec12 Jun 2020
51-52-03-100_DS_PCD7F150S(EN)Serial interface module RS-485 with galvanic isolationTech Spec12 Jun 2020
51-52-03-101_DS_PCD7R-MSD1024(EN)μSD Flash memory card 1024 MByte (included SD Flash adapter)Tech Spec12 Jun 2020
ControlEdge PCD brochureControlEdge PCD is a powerful, cybersecure compact-sized controller for critical applications. Learn more about the features that suit a wide range of automation needs.Brochure10 Jun 2020
51-52-03-52_DS_HPCD3M6893(EN)HCPD3.M6893 Controller specTech Spec5 Jun 2020
51-52-03-71_DS_PCD3_E613(EN)8 digital inputs, 48 VDC, 9 ms, electrically isolated, source- or sink operationTech Spec23 May 2020
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