Industrial Load Management System (ILMS)

Industrial Load Management System (ILMS)

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The Industrial Load Management System (ILMS) solution from Honeywell provides advanced tools to manage and optimize electrical energy operations. It helps industrial users protect electrical equipment and network from risks due to unscheduled outages, avoid peak tariffs/ overdrawing penalties and benefit from safe and reliable grid/ captive power. ILMS is available for mining, metals, cement, chemical, refinery, petrochemical and paper industries, and can be customized for other industries. ​​​​​

ILMS is based on Honeywell’s proven Experion® PKS technology that monitors and controls the power grid of any industrial unit or utility power plant. It offers the following unique features: 

  • Seamless integration of process and electrical control system – one system, one platform approach

  • A more sophisticated data visualization, analytics and processing capability with Experion HMI: Better visualization allows the system to become a ‘smart grid’ to help users make better decisions to optimize their power systems

  • C300 access directly to IEDs for interlocking and control such as used in startup/ shutdown sequencing, thereby avoiding costly hardwired or programmable logic controller (PLC) connections

  • Elimination of the need for third party PLCs for power management applications, thereby reducing both capital and lifecycle costs

  • Support for the latest Edition 2 of IEC 61850 at HMI level.

ILMS provides sophisticated tools to forecast demand and plan electricity/ energy usage, thus enabling users to meet energy needs at minimum costs due to resource optimization and production scheduling. It helps users avoid peak tariffs and increase system stability through load planning, tie line monitoring and load shedding. In addition, it facilitates increased production through faster restoration and reduced maintenance downtime.

Honeywell’s ILMS solution is available in two versions – basic and advanced – and is open to customization to meet user-specific requirements.

ILMS provides significant cost savings to users due to:

  • Judicious energy use with the help of sophisticated planning tools for forecast, demand and planning

  • Ability to meet energy needs with minimum cost and enhanced resource optimization and production scheduling

  • Support for electricity sale and purchase in the open market, timing and pricing of transactions ABT compliance

  • Avoiding peak tariffs and increasing system stability with respect to load planning, tie line monitoring and load shedding

  • Reduction in maintenance downtime due to faster restoration leading to increased production

  • Enhanced awareness of energy generation, use and purchase, leading to improved cost effectiveness

  • Ease of use: all critical energy parameters are automatically evaluated, monitored and reported in real-time, 24x7 hours a week.

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