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Experion® Collaboration Station displays control system and business network information for faster resolution of routine and abnormal situations at a site. It helps users establish communication rapidly for improved collaboration between operations, maintenance and other specialists based in different locations. By providing access to all relevant information in a common view, it enables more efficient operations and better decision-making.    ​​​​​​

Honeywell offers a free white paper on how to bring the knowledge and expertise of your employees together to improve operational effectiveness.


​Process maintenance and other support resources for plants in the process industries are often located remotely. When responding to a process problem, rapid analysis and resolution are critical to maintaining productivity. Experion Collaboration Station uses a large-format, multi-touch display to bring together business network and view-only control system data. It rapidly establishes communication for collaboration between multi-disciplinary team members, regardless of where they are. All participants share the same view and can work simultaneously  on the same documents and data within a communication session using their desktop computers.

Part of the Experion family, Collaboration Station uses large touchscreen technology to present view-only Experion displays and other information from any source available on the users’ business network. These displays may include production planning, scheduling, advanced applications, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), specification sheets and video. Large multi-touch user interface capabilities include pan, zoom and ability to display multiple windows from different sources. Displays can be shared with remote participants who take part using video calling.

Collaboration Station can be located in the control room, in a conference or situation room near the control console, in a central support location, or a manager’s office from which the entire operations can be viewed at any time. It reduces interruption to the panel operator by providing users with view-only access to the control system data.

Experion Collaboration Station provides the following benefits:

  • Improves situational awareness by bringing together control system and business network information

  • Helps communicate and collaborate wherever different teams are located

  • Is easy and intuitive with its large screen multi-touch interface requiring no training

  • Provides faster analysis and response to help users make better decisions with a common view of the data.

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A Common HMI for Improved Operational ExcellenceThis article explains how new approaches to human-machine interface (HMI) can help companies increase profits from better, more agile decision making.237.26 KBArticle Reprint18 Mar 2014
Experion Collaboration Station: A Common View for Improved Operational EffectivenessExperion Collaboration Station enables collaboration with the field or with experts in other locations, and is particularly useful in facilitating regular plant events like shift changeovers and operations meetings. 845.23 KBWhitepaper23 Aug 2013
Experion Collaboration StationExperion Collaboration Station displays view-only control system and business network information for faster resolution of routine or abnormal situations at your site.260.04 KBProduct Information Note14 Jun 2013

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