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Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) integrates an advanced automation platform and innovative software applications to improve users' business performance and peace of mind. Unifying people with process, business and asset management, this distributed control system (DCS) helps process manufacturers increase profitability and productivity. It’s the only automation system that focuses on people — making the most of the knowledge they hold. By integrating disparate data across facilities, making the most of resources and people, and feeding it all into a unified automation system, users can achieve an operation that’s more proactive, efficient and responsive.

Application Control Environment
The Application Control Environment (ACE) is an Experion controller ideal for supervisory control solutions and third-party control system integration.
Batch Manager - Effective Batch Process Control with Experion
Experion Batch Manager enables highly flexible recipes on a reliable platform to help manufacturers produce an increasing number of different products cost effectively and rapidly.
Collaboration Station
Experion Collaboration Station displays control system and business network information for faster resolution of routine and abnormal situations at a site.
  • Controllers
  • Distributed System Architecture
    Distributed System Architecture (DSA) is a totally integrated system allowing multiple Experion Process Knowledge Systems to operate as one across multiple units, sites and facilities across the enterprise.
    Electrical Automation Solution
    The latest Experion PKS Orion release delivers a unique electrical automation solution that allows direct communication between Honeywell’s C300 control layer and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs).
    Experion Backup And Restore
    Experion Backup and Restore is a backup and recovery system that provides uncompromising security against the possibility of computer failures in a process plant.
    Experion Batch
    Experion Batch is optimized for Pharmaceutical, Specialty Chemical, and Food & Beverage applications and other batch applications.
    Experion Elevate
    Experion Elevate is a member of our suite of cloud-enabled solutions for operations technology and information technology (OT/IT).
    Experion eServer
    Experion eServer is Honeywell’s unique web server solution based on Distributed System Architecture (DSA) that enables access to Experion PKS anytime and anywhere.
    Experion Mobile Access
    Experion® Mobile Access provides secure remote access to the process control network through mobile computing devices via the OneWireless™ Network.
    Experion Orion Console
    The Experion Orion Console increases operator effectiveness over a greater scope of responsibility by providing faster response, reducing fatigue, and increasing situational awareness.
    Experion PKS Orion – Process Control Beyond Distributed Control Systems
    Experion PKS Orion, the latest release of Experion PKS, goes beyond traditional distributed control systems (DCS) by introducing the latest in Universal Channel Technology and comprehensive turnkey Experion virtualization solutions.
    Experion PMD
    Honeywell has integrated Experion PMD, its automation system for controlling processes, machinery and drives (PMD), with Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) to provide a single, comprehensive automation solution
    Experion Solution Suites for UOP Technologies
    Experion Solution Suites for UOP Technologies allow users to reduce project risk and start up their facility sooner by embedding UOP process knowledge into their Experion system from the beginning.
    Fault Tolerant Ethernet
    Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) is the industrial control network of the Experion Knowledge System (PKS). Combining Honeywell’s expertise in designing robust control networks with commercial Ethernet technology, it goes beyond providing fault tolerance.
    Field Device Manager
    Honeywell Field Device Manager (FDM) simplifies maintenance tasks, saves time and provides the flexibility and scalability to perform complete device configuration and management tasks in the plant environment through smart plant instrumentation.

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