Experion Unit Operations Suite
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Experion® Unit Operations Suite (UOS) is optimized for pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and food & beverage applications.  In these industries, UOS is used primarily in continuous and batch-related applications where operators want a traditional DCS solution in a compact form factor.  Unit Operations Suite is your edge to a compact DCS.​​​​​​

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​​​Honeywell brings its extensive batch automation power to a smaller form factor.  A new Unit Operations controller (UOC) extends the Experion control environments to a form factor that fits in the smallest specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, or food and beverage plant. Whether you are running the plant, building the sequences or worrying about the bottom line, UOS provides value to you.​

​​Experion UOS leverages the ControlEdge™ Unit Operations Controller (UOC) along with Experion Batch Manager.  ControlEdge UOC is part of a next generation family of controllers to meet ALL your automation needs in different ways. 

The simplest one-step sequences to class-based recipes can be performed in the controller. Use class-based development to build a sequence that can be easily deployed on multiple units.  The UOC can run both sequential and continuous control simultaneously.  

Honeywell's Solution Pack can be used to quickly build control modules and graphics for operator interaction that is simple. Users can visualize the current sequence state, control the sequence, and plan for upcoming events.  In addition, UOS can handle communication and control across multiple controllers, and validated sequences/systems.​

​​Experion UOS provides Honeywell batch automation in a compact form factor.  The power of Experion Batch Manager can be used to monitor and control batches from the simplest sequences to the most complex class-based recipes.  This automation fits in a standard small form factor that can fit in the tightest areas.   The mightiest control is available to even the smallest of processes.

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SolutionNote_ExperionUOS_2017Experion Unit Operations Suite Product Information Note19 Jun 2017
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