Experion Solution Suites for UOP Technologies
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Give your UOP project the Honeywell Advantage with Process Solution Suites for UOP Technologies. Experion® Solution Suites for UOP Technologies allow you to reduce project risk and start up your facility sooner by embedding UOP process knowledge into your Experion system from the beginning.​​​​​​​​​

Experion Solution Suites for UOP Technologies deliver UOP engineering and operating best practices, combined with Honeywell Process Solutions expertise and state-of-the-art automation technology, to provide pre-engineered solutions with embedded UOP knowledge. This means 30% faster project execution and a superior operator interface to improve situational awareness and ensure safe, efficient and reliable operations.

The solution suites include pre-engineered configuration modules for Experion control and safety systems, operators' HMI graphics displays, pre-engineered interfaces for UOP control systems, integrated alarm help and embedded procedures for critical unit operations. 

Applying the Experion Solution Suites for UOP greenfield projects, along with Honeywell LEAP™ project execution, projects can benefit not only from a significantly lower installed cost but also from improved delivery schedule and start-up risk reduction.

Experion Solution Suites for UOP give your project a head start by embedding UOP know how and extensive operational experience inside your Experion solution. This knowledge includes:

  • Control and shutdown requirements

  • Detailed operator interaction requirements

  • Alarm help information 

  • Recommended operating procedures. 

By bringing the pre-engineered solution suites to a project, the control and safety systems implementation can be completed well ahead of standard schedule, thereby greatly improving the risk profile on the project. The issues related to new control systems typically encountered by UOP start-up engineers is minimized, ensuring efficient on-time start-up. Operators unfamiliar with new process units are also assisted by an intuitive, well designed integrated operator workspace based on UOPs extensive experience and knowledge gained over decades of start-up experience.

​Experion Solution Suites for UOP Technologies eliminate the time and uncertainty associated with creating and validating the optimum operating environment for a UOP process unit. This reduces engineering time, project risk, and reduces automation punch-list items on site – ultimately, this enables earlier startup of operations and more unit availability and productivity.​

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UOP Applied Process Excellence Center (APEX) Overview BrochureThe Honeywell Applied Process Excellence (APEX) Center has been created to facilitate joint innovations for the oil and gas industry between Honeywell UOP (UOP) and Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS).Brochure2 Jun 2017
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