Experion PKS Orion – Process Control Beyond Distributed Control Systems

Experion PKS Orion – Process Control Beyond Distributed Control Systems

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​Honeywell redefined industrial automation with Experion® PKS (Process Knowledge System), the first enterprise-wide distributed control system (DCS) designed to unify people with process, business requirements and asset management.

Experion PKS Orion combines this approach with the newest in Universal Channel Technology, the industry’s most complete portfolio of turnkey Experion Virtualization Solutions, and superior HMI with Experion SCADA and Experion Collaboration Station. The latest release features technologies that, along with Honeywell's project implementation services, support a paradigm shift in project execution.


Experion PKS Orion integrates people and processes for better performance; the automation system is designed to merge traditionally disparate functions and systems across the manufacturing enterprise. It captures the knowledge of plant personnel and their workflows to deliver sustainable efficiencies. A common and consistent HMI over the entire process control system provides the essential foundation for improving operator effectiveness. The Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium guidelines embedded in Experion PKS Orion result in better overall collaboration, allowing plant personnel to make better decisions to improve business performance, safety, efficiency and agility.

The latest release of Experion PKS Orion supports Lean Execution of Automation Projects (LEAP), a new methodology that separates physical from functional design, thus enabling parallel workflows, use of standardized designs, and engineering to be done from anywhere in the world. It enhances Honeywell's project implementation services with three innovative technologies – Universal Channel Technology, Virtualization and Cloud Engineering – to improve project schedule, cost and risk. 

Experion PKS Orion employs a distinctive portfolio of scalable capabilities for project execution and system management. Experion Virtualization Solutions and remotely-configurable Universal I/O cabinets allow for late-stage design changes, reduced footprint, and minimal hardware required for implementation. 

Honeywell’s approach reduces, and in some cases, even eliminates marshalling, simplifies engineering and configuration during the design phase of a project and can save up to 33% of installation costs. Experion Collaboration Station and Experion SCADA’s superior HMI give users the ability to share information across multiple locations and simplify engineering and operations across thousands of distributed assets. In addition, Experion PKS Orion supports on-process migration for easy access to valuable new capabilities without unnecessary downtime and production losses. Honeywell is the only DCS vendor to include built-in security to prevent costly downtime and safety incidents.

Experion PKS Orion offers several benefits to users, including:

  • Improved Performance – Connecting people and knowledge, it merges disparate functions and systems for better decision-making

  • On-Time, On-Budget Project Implementation – Experion PKS Orion leverages a global network of engineers and design centers, and proven methodologies and tools for unsurpassed project execution

  • Lifecycle Investment Protection – It enables cost-effective process and plant management while helping users keep pace with evolving technology through extended lifecycle support, and flexible and easy migration paths, including through virtualization. 

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New Approach for Shortening Schedules and Minimizing Risk on Automation ProjectsTraditional delivery models for automation solutions generally follow the standard engineering process of define, design, manufacture, configure, test and install. The optimal approach for automation system delivery is to extend the definition for as long as possible to delay the start of design, as well as the impact of changes on downstream processes. 412.85 KBArticle Reprint5 May 2014
Experion Smart Plant Instrumentation(Intools) AdapterProduct Information Note for Experion integration to Experion Smart Plant Instrumentation(Intools) software.301.65 KBProduct Information Note15 Oct 2013
Safety Manager - Product Information NoteHoneywell’s Safety Manager, part of the Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS), enhances the safety, reliability and efficiency of critical processes.200.94 KBProduct Information Note4 Sep 2013
Experion PKS BrochureUpdated brochure outlining benefits for the various disciplines across the plant. Includes 4 alternate covers representing the different people Experion benefits; all can be used during the same event or customer visit.3.74 MBBrochure2 May 2013
Industrial Boiler Control PKS Solution Note on Industrial Boiler Control PKS.86.71 KBSolution Note26 Feb 2013
Experion PK Boiler Control for Fossil Fired Boilers Solution NotesSolution Notes on Boiler Control for Fossil Fired Boilers.240.44 KBSolution Note19 Feb 2013
Burner Management SystemSolution Note on Experion PKS Burner Managment Systems.140.53 KBSolution Note19 Feb 2013
Experion Universal Process IO Product Information NoteUniversal Process I/O improves your project’s performance by simplifying your process control system infrastructure.119.08 KBProduct Information Note26 Nov 2012
Experion PKS FMC722 Subsea Automation interfaceThe FMC722 Subsea Automation interface provides integration of the FMC protocol on the C300 controller enabling seamless peer to peer between the Top side and subsea control systems.150.04 KBProduct Information Note22 Nov 2012
PIN Experion Backup and Restore EBR R410PIN Experion Backup and Restore EBR R410.186.17 KBProduct Information Note20 Nov 2012
Public Support Documentation
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Magma_Installation_Instructions_HWDOC-X279-en-AThis document provides detailed information on how to use the Magma PCI Expansion Chassis with Honeywell-configured Dell servers.1.02 MBSupport Document2 Dec 2014
Experion PKS R430.2 Controller Patch Controlled Release 1Experion PKS R430.2 Controller Patch Controlled Release 1 delivers fix for PAR 1-33Y4ZQL29.06 MBSoftware Download7 Nov 2014
Dell R7610 Custom BIOS Patch SCN Rev ARefer SCN280.62 KBSupport Document28 Aug 2014
HP Z620 System BIOS Update SCNHP Z620 System BIOS Update Software Change Notice46.1 KBSoftware Change Notice19 Nov 2013
Honeywell_Z620_BIOS_v3.50Honeywell_Z620_BIOS_v3.506.62 MBSoftware Download18 Nov 2013
EXTIO2UNINSTALLER Win7EXTIO2UNINSTALLER Win7887.57 KBSoftware Download16 Nov 2013
EXTIO F2408 FIRMWARE UPDATE 1.18.2EXTIO_F2408_FIRMWARE_UPDATE_1.18.22.81 MBSoftware Download16 Nov 2013
EXTIO F2408 VBIOS UPDATE 2.7.71EXTIO F2408 VBIOS UPDATE 2.7.71881.2 KBSoftware Download16 Nov 2013
Experion PKS Technical Note # 338Assigning CDA/TPS points to Experion standard history638.8 KBSupport Document4 Nov 2013
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Wiri Oil Services Protects Hardware Investment with Experion PKSWiri Oil Services developed a project plan to upgrade its process system technology. Turning to Honeywell, the company upgraded to Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), enjoying benefits of faster data access, reduced installation and data costs.201.12 KB18 Aug 2014
KJO Improves and Upgrades Process Automation with Honeywell SolutionsContains the details of KJO improves and upgrades process automation with Honeywell Solutions.175.55 KB4 Aug 2014
Honeywell Provides Expertise for Plant Expansion and Upgrade at SyncrudeHoneywell provided the expertise and technology to Syncrude for a major project expansion and modernization of its control system at its facility in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.203.49 KB4 Aug 2014
Woodside Improves Safety with UniSim Operator Training SimulatorWoodside Energy used UniSim to train operators on Experion on its Angel platform on Australia’s North West Shelf.293.42 KB4 Aug 2014
DuPont Experience with VirtualizationDuPont is experiencing the benefits of virtualization. Rather than pre-ordering equipment months in advance of implementation, DuPont is “able to start adding more equipment on demand.72.67 KB8 Feb 2014
Marsori Liquefied Gas Terminal Case StudyMarsori Liquefied Gas Terminal Sets Industry Benchmark with Honeywell Technology132.86 KB7 Feb 2014
Honeywell installs Centralized Control System at LUKOILVolgogradneftepererabotka. LtdHoneywell installs Centralized Control System at LUKOIL Volgogradneftepererabotka. Ltd128.97 KB11 Dec 2013
YPFB Chaco SA Migrates to Experion PKS® from Rockwell’s ProcessLogix Without Downtime YPFB Chaco SA Migrates to Experion PKS® from Rockwell’s ProcessLogix Without Downtime 84.82 KB8 Nov 2013
Honeywell PCUS Supports Contemporary Control Room at Calumet Specialty ProductsHoneywell PCUS Supports Contemporary Control Room at Calumet Specialty Products147.96 KB8 Nov 2013
Valero’s Benicia Refinery - Benefits from Advanced TrendingValero’s Benicia Refinery - Benefits from Advanced Trending626.44 KB30 Sep 2013

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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