OPC Technology
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​OPC (OLE for Process Control) consists of a set of standards that define interoperability among different automation and control applications, field systems and devices, and business and office applications. Honeywell’s Experion® integrates OPC with Distributed Control System (DCS) technology in the most flexible and powerful OPC suite available.

​OPC (OLE for Process Control) communicates information from a data source such as a server to any client application in a standard way without requiring the application to have any specific knowledge about the data source such as its communication protocols.

Honeywell integrates OLE for Process Control with Distributed Control System technology to provide a broad range of client, server and redundancy OPC technologies, including:

  • A range of OPC Data Access (DA) Clients to support different needs such as alarming and complex point structures
  • OPC Alarm and Event (AE) Client for integrating alarms and notifications directly into Experion’s alarm summary
  • OPC Integrator used to push and pull data between OPC DA Servers
  • OPC DA, AE and History Data Access (HDA) Servers
  • OPC Redirection Manager to provide support for OPC DA, AE and HDA standards

​Honeywell ensures tight integration of the OPC clients, server and tools with Experion, thereby facilitating great ease of engineering. With the integrated OPC suite, the data and alarms coming from OPC clients are captured in the same displays and alarm summaries used for other Experion data. Therefore, the operator has one view of both local controller data and information that is coming from OPC sources.

Experion's OPC servers provide third-party access to data, history and alarms with no engineering effort required. Regardless of whether the information originates from SCADA controllers or C200/C300 process controllers, it is made available through a single set of OPC Servers on Experion.

​Honeywell’s integrated OLE for Process Control suite provides users with an optimum combination of the openness of OPC and the functionality and robustness of Experion. With it, users get the tools they need to get information into or out of Experion.

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Experion PKS OPC Product Information NoteThe openness of OPC combined with the advanced functionality and robustness of Experion. Experion® PKS – The Knowledge to Make it Possible.268.09 KBProduct Information Note21 Nov 2012

​Honeywell offers training courses to help participants learn how to design efficient and robust OPC architectures, interface OPC technology with Experion PKS as well as benefits and risks of OPC deployment so integrators and end users achieve success with their connectivity projects.

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