Open Virtual Engineering Platform (Open VEP)
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Honeywell’s Open Virtual Engineering Platform (Open VEP) service provides a secure, centrally hosted cloud environment to implement an off-process engineering and validation system. With Open VEP, testing and project execution can be done from anywhere in the world, on an automation system at any configuration and release.

Open VEP is a secure, hosted Honeywell solution development, testing, and training platform which can be accessed by your people from anywhere in the world, on an automation system at any release, configuration and size required.  The systems are developed to customer needs to include all security, firewalls, networking, and licenses, eliminating the need for IT architecting, hardware and software purchase, on-site installation, maintenance, backups, support, and renewals / upgrades; not to mention the physical space, air conditioning, and physical security necessary to keep an off-process system operational in a production facility.  Best part is when you do need help, you call Honeywell and we make it right.

For Experion systems, the customer specifies the required Experion nodes, point release, and provides user names, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers for those individuals.  Within a week of receiving the order, Honeywell creates the requested Open VEP Experion system and sends access details to the customer. The Experion system is an off-process, fully functional system that offers all the rich features that are available with an Experion automation system.

Honeywell’s Open Virtual Engineering Platform (Open VEP) service provides a secure, centrally hosted hybrid cloud environment, typically used to provide fast and convenient access to Honeywell Experion PKS off-process engineering and validation system or for use with Advanced Solutions such as Profit® Blending and Movement (PBM) or operator training using eLearn / UniSim® Competency Suite applications.

At this stage, all stakeholders can interact within this common engineering, validation, and training environment, regardless of their location.  One system can support multiple production facilities using common Honeywell solutions. The systems are hosted and maintained by Honeywell. One or more systems at different releases can be provided.

Customers may prefer doing projects with Honeywell on Open VEP rather than the Honeywell network based VEP system it was based upon because Open VEP is easier to access through a customer firewall with a less stringent Honeywell Agreement regulating it’s use.  With Open VEP, you are accessing Honeywell equipment not connected to the Honeywell internal network.

The Open VEP platform is a high available clustered server system implemented with the most advanced security standards. The system protects customer Intellectual Property using multiple firewalls and a high-end VM encryption solution using customer managed encryption key.  Not even Honeywell has access to what’s on the VM’s once customer changes the default encryption key.

Open VEP includes a daily backup service, so no work gets lost. All required licenses are part of the service, including the operating systems, SQL CALs and Experion licenses. Specific database configuration or applications can be freely imported and installed on the system nodes, and a project can be moved from the virtual machines in Open VEP to an on-premises virtual or physical system.

In addition to reduction or eliminating time and equipment, Open VEP offers a number of improvements over an on-premises system:

No hardware purchase and software installation

Immediate start of engineering activities

Improved engineering, functionality and scenario testing

Easy access from anywhere by any stakeholder

Enhanced collaboration

Easy access by experts for troubleshooting, training or consultancy

Eliminating space, power, HVAC required for staging hardware

No hardware maintenance or refresh

No software patching and upgrades

High availability

Most advanced security at the highest standards

System scalability, including systems at different Experion releases

Free daily back-ups

Reduction of capital and operating expenses

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Open VEP BrochureOpen VEP is a secure, and reliable Hybrid Cloud engineering service for convenient and cost-effective access to an off-process, fully functional Experion® PKS25 Sep 2017Brochure1.28 MB
OpenVEP-PINOpen VEP provides a secure, centrally hosted cloud environment for automation engineering delivering greater overall value to both end users and EPCs.11 Apr 2017Product Information Note831 KB

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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