Operator Station And Console Functions
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An efficient and capable user interface is a key component of a control system. Honeywell incorporates innovative and functional features into Experion® Station, the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) user interface. These advanced capabilities maximize operator effectiveness. Open technology allows business and application data to be easily incorporated into the process operator environment.​

Experion Station is available in Honeywell’s ICON series console furniture and in a desktop form. Multi-display (up to 4 monitors), purpose-built operator keyboards and touch screens are supported.

Different station types are available to meet user needs. Experion Console Station is designed for control room operations in large process plants including refining, petrochemicals and mineral processing. Experion Flex Station is an option for less demanding or geographically distributed operations such as Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas and pharmaceutical production. Flex Stations also support large number of users for casual access such as engineering or maintenance. Different Experion Station types can be used together on one system in any combination.​

​Experion Console Stations can be grouped together to form a single operator workspace for process control and monitoring, event handling, alarm acknowledgement, alarm silencing and display manipulation. Flex stations share a pool of connections to allow a large number of casual users access to the system.

Out of the box, state-of-the-art alarm management improves the operator’s ability to minimize process interruptions and powerful trending allows the operator to maintain appropriate situational awareness and keep the process within desired limits. Group and detail displays are available to monitor and manage process variables.  Configurable pull-down menus and toolbars allow easy, intuitive navigation and fast access to key process data.

The HMIWeb solution pack library is available to quickly and efficiently build powerful and high performance custom displays incorporating the process optimization features developed by the Abnormal Situation Management consortium.

Using Console and Flex Station achieves the most effective combination of availability and access, minimizing the cost of ownership.

Experion Station’s advanced HMIWeb capabilities maximize operator effectiveness by allowing quick detection and response to process upsets. The HMIWeb solution pack library minimizes engineering costs of customer display development.

Easily incorporating business and application data along with process values in operational displays allows the operator to focus on the business drivers that give optimal process operation.​

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Experion Human Machine Interface PINThe Experion® PKS human machine interface (HMI) optimizes your process operator’s situation awareness and responsiveness. With over 30 years of experience in process control and HMI technology, Honeywell continues to incorporate innovative and efficient features into its flagship HMI, minimizing implementation costs and providing unsurpassed clarity to operators during abnormal situations. 643.89 KBApplication Note14 Oct 2013
Experion-Alarming-PINExperion Station is flexible enough to meet varying control needs while maintaining a common and consistent interface for the user. 352.58 KBProduct Information Note23 Sep 2013
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Transnational Blenders Improves Blending Performance and Reliability with Experion LXBusiness growth and increasing product demand necessitated a more advanced control system. Following evaluation of various solutions and suppliers TNB settled on the Honeywell Experion LX system, C300 Series 8 controllers and eServers to replace the existing in-house system.339.07 KB6 Sep 2016
Australia Mine Improves Operator Efficiency and Process Performance by Migrating from Yokogawa to Experion PKSMinerals and Metals Group’s zinc mine in Tasmania, Australia improved safety, efficiency and performance by choosing Honeywell's migration solutions for migration from Yokogawa systems to Experion.113.91 KB19 Aug 2010
Success Story Wintershall CCRWintershN/A Improves Efficiency and Safety with Honeywell Central Control Room144.42 KB24 Oct 2008

Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College, as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.​

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