Universal Marshalling Solution
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​​Honeywell's Universal Marshalling Solution provides a one-stop solution to efficiently connect instrumentation signals to Series C modules with standardized cabinets, less customized documentation, and fewer spare parts without needing additional third-party equipment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​The Universal Marshalling Solution delivers the next phase of Honeywell LEAP™ lean project implementation philosophy through standardization of marshalling design.

LEAP™ is accomplished by breaking down task dependencies and using standardized designs – improving schedule flexibility, accommodating late design changes, and reducing CAPEX and time to startup.
​​Standardized (or universal) marshalling is achieved through central and distributed installations using standard cabinet configurations with standard signal conditioning assemblies.

Standard signal conditioning assemblies handle 16 signals including disconnect, fusing, and when needed signal conditioning adapters (SCA) and isolation, intrinsic safety, relay, and other functions. The SCA supports flexible wiring configurations without the need for custom wiring. SCA is designed for easy installation in safe areas and in hazardous locations.

Independence between I/O assignment and field wiring enables a flexible engineering schedule and eliminates unintentional access of I/O modules during maintenance. SCA enables the flexibility to combine a variety of field signals, while remaining separated from I/O modules and control system electronics. This unique feature means that SCA eliminates re-engineering and rewiring due to design changes.
​​Predesigned standard build cabinets reduce the complexities and reliance on non-standard 3rd party solutions.

The number of spares stocked and the amount of documentation required is reduced by eliminating multiple equipment configurations.

Honeywell serves as single source vendor from instrumentation to control system.​
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