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​The C200/C200E integrated control and safety systems are embedded in the compact Series A Chassis hardware form factor. Users of these controllers benefit from a robust and superior control execution and scheduling environment with high reliability.

Released with PlantScape R200, the C200 controller operates Honeywell’s field-proven and deterministic Control Execution Environment (CEE) core software. Introduced with Experion® PKS R400, the C200E Controller provides the same capabilities as C200 but adds more functionality and memory. For example, the C200E fully supports Experion Batch Manager and the ISA S88.01 batch control standard so that users can execute complete batch control in a redundant environment with the controller.

The CEE resident in the control processor provides an efficient and effective control environment as well as access to a comprehensive library of control-related function blocks. The controllers can be implemented in a single or fully redundant configuration.​

Like the C300 and the ACE node, the C200 and C200E integrated control and safety systems operate Honeywell’s deterministic CEE software which executes control strategies on a constant and predictable schedule. The CEE is loaded into the C200/C200E memory, providing the execution platform for the comprehensive set of automatic control logic, data acquisition and calculation function blocks. Each function block contains a set of predefined features such as alarm settings and maintenance statistics. This embedded functionality guarantees consistent process control strategy execution.

The controllers support many input/output (I/O) families, including Series A I/O, Rail A I/O, Rail H I/O and Process Manager I/O, and other protocols such as FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, and HART. ​

The C200 and C200E controllers enable process engineers to tackle several process control problems by supporting batch applications with ISA S88.01 and providing robust process control through CEE. When used with Honeywell’s Profit Loop that anticipates future process behavior, the controllers know exactly how much to move the process in order to meet the desired control objectives, thus offering stronger process control.

​Honeywell offers training courses to help users optimally configure and operate the C200 controller. The training not only covers hardware and software aspects but also provides practical guidance for implementation such as for building a Control Execution Environment (CEE) applicable to the controller.

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