Experion Controllers
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​By managing the complex processes involved in industrial manufacturing, controllers can boost production efficiency and yield significant cost savings. Honeywell offers a wide range of Experion® controllers based on 30 years of development and technology expertise. These include embedded controller platforms, PC-based control environments for supervisory control tasks, and simulation for process checkout and validation.

The C200 and C200E integrated control and safety systems enable process engineers to tackle several process control problems by supporting batch applications with ISA S88.01 and providing robust process control through CEE.
C300 Controller
Ideal for implementation across all industries, the C300 controller offers best-in-class process control. It supports a wide variety of process control situations, including continuous and batch processes and integration with smart field devices.
Custom Algorithm Block (CAB) functionality enables users to address process control problems that are not easily supported with standard function blocks.
ControlEdge™ Unit Operations Controller
ControlEdge Unit Operations Controller (UOC) delivers a powerful DCS solution in a compact form factor.
FCE Controller
Honeywell’s FCE (PMD) Controller regulates fieldbus-based processes and process equipment in process, machinery and drives (PMD) technology. It is ideal for speedy execution of control strategies.
PMD Controller
Honeywell’s PMD Controller regulates fieldbus-based processes and process equipment as part of process, machinery and drives (PMD) control.
Profit Loop from Honeywell - Effective Loop Tuning and Control
Profit Loop incorporates the best elements of advanced control and optimization technologies to address all loop control needs in various applications.

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