Ethernet/IP™ integration
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​Ethernet I/P is CIP as implemented over standard Ethernet. This enables the user to realize all of the benefits of both CIP and the Ethernet technology (IEEE 802.3 combined with the TCP/IP Suite). Ethernet I/P networks can host a variety of different I/O devices (such as Variable Frequency Drive controllers, motor starters, typical I/O modules, field instruments, to name a few) from a large list of vendors. The user can satisfy a broad spectrum of process control needs over one network and using one protocol. Additional Ethernet I/P details and a full list of conformant Ethernet/IP devices can be found on the ODVA website.​​​​​​​​​​
​​ExperionPKS to seamlessly interface with any conformant EIP devices to effectively monitor and control the process to become an ODVA conformant Host and ensure interoperability between all devices connected on the EtherNet/IP network.
​​The Experion EIP solutions provide tools in Control Builder that allows for the addition of new conformant EIP devices without the need to increment the Experion release. All three solutions (C300 direct, C300 EIM, and UOC Downlink) use the same tool set and procedures to add a new EIP device. A device that has been added for one solution will work with the other two.
​​The Experion EIP solutions provide a comprehensive and effective integration to EtherNet/IP networks and conformant EtherNet/IP I/O devices. These smart networked I/O devices along with the large amount of valuable process and device data resident in each, can be used to Augment control and logic, Augment plant operations, Improve maintenance, Simplify engineering, and  Extend asset life cycles.
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