FOUNDATION Fieldbus Interoperability Support

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Interoperability Support

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​To allow interoperability with Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) and other host systems, all FOUNDATION Fieldbus device vendors create and make available files known as DD (Device Description) and/or EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language) files. The files allow Experion to understand the device functions, features, and parameters. Honeywell and Flowserve device firmware files are also available.

​DD and EDDL files are provided by every device vendor and contain the information required by Experion to utilize the device capabilities and functions in the Experion system. DD files are the original standard while EDDL represents the next generation of the technology and augments the DD technology with added features to better support the needs of more complex devices such as valves. All vendors must provide a DD for every device while EDDL is optional. Honeywell maintains a Fieldbus Interoperability Test Laboratory for testing FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices and their DD/EDDL files. Users can access test information and download the vendor device DD/EDDL files from the "Documentation" tab of this page. In addition, device firmware files are also available for select vendor devices. These files can be used to update device firmware from Experion Control Builder.

DD and EDDL files are used in the Experion Control Builder environment to create device-specific templates that integrate the associated device with Experion and allow the device blocks to be used in the control scheme.

  • Experion R400 is the first release to support EDDLs
  • For all releases prior to R310, users must download the DD from the Honeywell website
  • For R310 and above, users should download the DD directly from the FOUNDATION Fieldbus website
  • In case of any DD or device-related issues, users should contact their local Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

​By accessing and downloading the required DD, EDDL, and Firmware files, users can seamlessly integrate Fieldbus devices into their Experion systems.

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Honeywell Experion Fieldbus Q-As Answers to most commonly asked questions about the integration of FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus into Experion™ PKS.249.9 KBBrochure15 Mar 2006
Public Support Documentation
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Foundation Fieldbus Device Tested with ExperionPKS(HIST)FF Interoperability Test : This document will provide list of Foundation Fieldbus Devices Tested (HIST) with ExperionPKS Host. Devices will have forward Compatible with Newer ExperionPKS Releases655.26 KBSupport Document23 Apr 2021
Micromotion 2700 0601 Honeywell MDF DDMicromotion 2700 0601 Honeywell MDF DD503.62 KBDD File18 Jul 2012
EIM_CONTROLS_DCM-FF_0102 EIM-CONTROLS_DCM-FF_0102 EIM-CONTROLS DCM-FF DCM Fieldbus Actuator (Type: Electric Actuator) Rev 1 DEV/DD 0102.58.56 KBDD File30 Aug 2011
Rosemount_644_0201Rosemount 644 (Temperature) DEV/DD 0201 Rev 1.3 (CFF HW modified)96.44 KBDD File29 Dec 2010
Rotork_FF01 MK2_0201RotorK FF01 Mk2 Network Interface (Valve Actuator) DEV/DD 0201 Rev 2.0157.56 KBDD File29 Dec 2010
Magnetrol_705 3x_0201Magnetrol Eclipse Enhanced Model 705 3x (Guided Wave Radar Level) DEV/DD 0201 FW KBDD File29 Dec 2010
Fisher_DVC6000f_0203Fisher Controls DVC 6000 (Valve Positioner) Rev 2.0 DEV/DD 0203. Note files modified by Honeywell.575.14 KBDD File9 Nov 2010
Rosemount_5300_0203Rosemount 5300 Series (Guided Wave Radar Level and Interface Transmitter) Rev 1.3 Dev/DD 0203182.46 KBDD File7 Jun 2010
CIDRA Corp_SONARtrac_0201CiDRA_SONARtrac Flow (Process Monitoring System) Rev 2.2 DEV/DD 020197.24 KBDD File9 Mar 2010
Honeywell_ST3000FF_90101Honeywell ST3000 (Pressure) DEV Rev 5.01 DD Rev 0901. ITK 5.1 compliant files. WORKS ONLY WITH R210 or LATER87.21 KBDD File13 Oct 2009

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