PROFIBUS Integration
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PROFIBUS is a mature and widely used open digital communication system with a large range of applications in manufacturing and process automation. Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) seamlessly interfaces with PROFIBUS devices to enable easy and effective use of device data for control, display, diagnostics, parameterization and asset management. 

​Honeywell offers two dedicated hardware interface modules for cost-effective integration of PROFIBUS DP networks:

  • Chassis-A PROFIBUS Interface Module (PBIM): A single-wide module, it resides in a standard Series-A Chassis. The module provides the interface between a PROFIBUS DP network and the Experion C200, C200E, or C300 control processor.
  • Series C PROFIBUS Gateway Module (PGM): The latest offering from Honeywell, it provides an optionally redundant module that allows the user to maximize all of the capabilities defined by the protocol such as number of devices, device types, baud rates, and topologies.

The Experion PROFIBUS integration is characterized by high speed and availability, efficient data throughput, cost-effective engineering, and easy network and device management. 

​The Experion PROFIBUS solution allows the user to integrate PROFIBUS devices using Control Builder (CB), a common engineering tool for creating and configuring process control strategies. Users select from a standard library of function blocks to easily add devices to the Experion system and effectively utilize device information in the logic and control scheme. 

Once added to the system, the PROFIBUS device information is available for use in operator displays. Device status is automatically propagated to the alarm event system, enabling users to quickly identify and resolve abnormal conditions. Standard detail displays are provided at no charge to enable faster commissioning and to support maintenance activities.  

​Experion PROFIBUS integration allows users to reduce project timelines and cost, protect their investments by maximizing solution lifespan, and optimize operating parameters throughout the lifecycle of the plant.

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Transnational Blenders Improves Blending Performance and Reliability with Experion LXBusiness growth and increasing product demand necessitated a more advanced control system. Following evaluation of various solutions and suppliers TNB settled on the Honeywell Experion LX system, C300 Series 8 controllers and eServers to replace the existing in-house system.339.07 KB6 Sep 2016
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