C200 Migrations
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Honeywell is phasing out its C200 controllers for integrated control and safety. To keep current, enhance performance and maintain support, we offer options for customers to migrate either to C300 controllers or ControlEdge UOC.

With the C300 upgrade or move to ControlEdge UOC, users can modernise while safeguarding their intellectual property (IP). The appropriate migration solution will depend on your system and needs:


  • For C200/C200E systems connected to Process Manager I/O (PMIO) using I/O Link Interface Modules (or systems using Series A I/O modules who choose it) we offer C200 to C300 upgrade kits. Users can migrate without replacing I/Os and retain wiring, graphics and control strategies. For PMIO users, the supervisory network will be upgraded to Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE).

  • For systems with Series A I/O modules we also offer the option of migrating to the UOC or virtual UOC controller. This allow customers to retain ControlNet along with the Series A I/Os and RAIL I/Os.

We work hard to protect investments and existing IP while reducing costs.

For PMIO systems, the C200 controller is replaced with a redundant C300 controller modified to fit in the space of a single C200/C200E chassis. Engineering tools import control strategies with minimal or no change, and graphics remain the same. Field wiring and I/O are also retained. Systems using Series A I/O modules can opt for C300 migration, too, which can be a suitable solution for those using the remote (downlink) chassis. CNI communication cards in I/O chassis are replaced by an FTE Bridge used to communicate the Series A I/Os (which are retained) to the C300 controllers.

Those with Series A I/Os can also replace the C200/C200E controllers with the new UOC/vUOC controller. Connected using Star or Ring topology, the UOC controller leaves the Series A I/Os untouched. Customer can also retain their ControlNet using this solution.


C200/C200E migration kits provide a smooth transition to the powerful and robust capabilities of modern control technology. They address the risks of obsolescence, including lack of support and difficulties sourcing parts. We can also minimize disruption, protect IP and reduce the costs of migration:


  • I/Os and field wiring can be retained in almost all cases

  • Control strategies can be migrated with minimum or no changes

  • Graphics remain the same

  • Controllers can be replaced individually, for a phased migration

  • In many cases, the upgrade can be conducted while the system remains online.


Since each migration is unique, Honeywell’s expert team helps assess each customer’s systems and develop a migration approach tailored to your needs.

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