Honeywell Upgrades
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Honeywell Upgrades include technology upgrades and refresh solutions for human machine interfaces (HMI), TDC2000 Data Hiway and TPN/TDC 3000 Controllers. Honeywell provides a host of upgrade solutions to users to migrate to the latest technology in phases, without having to replace the entire setup of installed equipment in one go.​


C200 Migrations
Honeywell is phasing out its C200 controllers for integrated control and safety
Experion LCN
Honeywell introduces Experion LCN that enables incremental TPS modernization and offers benefits such as virtualization, shrinking coax connection and a reduced footprint.
Experion Migration
Migration to Experion PKS Orion, also known as R410, brings significant advantages to users, including enhanced operator effectiveness, improved engineering efficiency, fewer security and upgrade risks, and IP investment protection.
Human Machine Interface
Honeywell’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) upgrade solutions enable users to migrate to the latest technology benefits in phases without shutting down the plant.
Logic Manager to the latest Enhanced Logic Manager Module (ELMM) supported by ControlEdge PLC
Honeywell’s Enhanced Logic Manager Module (ELMM) provides an innovative modernization solution for legacy TDC 3000 and TotalPlant Solution systems with Logic Manager (LM) as a peer node with the High Performance Process Manager (HPM).
Remote Migration Services
Honeywell provides an innovative Remote Migration Service for Experion and TotalPlant Solution (TPS) users.
TDC 2000 Data Hiway
Honeywell’s upgrade solutions for TDC2000 systems minimize process disruption and preserve existing field wiring while reducing system footprint, engineering and installation effort.
TPN/TDC 3000 Controller
Integrated Experion/TPS/TPN HMI environment and enhanced features of the new controllers provide opportunity for technology upgrade to increase effectiveness of control operations.
TPS/TDC to Experion PKS Control Unification – EHPM Solutions
Honeywell offers the Enhanced High Performance Process Manager (EHPM) solutions that provide an integrated control environment for TPS/TDC and Experion PKS systems and help extend life of automation assets.

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