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Plants running the TotalPlant™ Solution (TPS) system need to avoid obsolescence by employing modern technology. TPS, introduced in 1998, helped establish open plant automation with a host of advanced applications. However, its users are now dealing with compliance issues related to new safety regulations as well as increasing system support challenges. 

Honeywell introduces Experion® LCN that enables incremental TPS modernization and offers benefits such as virtualization, shrinking coax connection and a reduced footprint.


Experion LCN offers a secure, seamless integration with the Experion PKS architecture, with standards-based functionality, regulatory support capabilities, and integrated operations from the field through the plant to the business level. 

With Experion LCN, existing control strategy, field terminations, applications, history and graphics can be retained, allowing users to focus on high value improvements. It minimizes operating disruptions, maintains overall consistency and delivers optional lifecycle advantages with virtualization. It also opens the door to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by Honeywell, an approach that connects people to assets, automates predictive analytics, and enables increased collaboration.​

Expanding on the Enhanced TPS Node capabilities, the Experion LCN further enables continuous innovation for Honeywell customers. Using the proven Experion Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) infrastructure, a new ELCN Bridge connects Experion to Classic Coax LCN.  

Once this connection is established, the LCN coax connection can be removed one LCN node at a time. Instead of a hardware connection for every Experion TPS Node, only one redundant ELCN Bridge pair is needed to enable virtualization.​

​Honeywell’s on process incremental upgrade to Experion LCN modernizes the control system infrastructure and enables the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT by Honeywell). This strategy maintains safe and reliable controls while modernizing and evolving with the most advanced technologies. It keeps established, reliable systems running longer, extends uptime, and preserves investments in hardware and network infrastructure.

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Experion Local Control Network Technical SpecificationThe Technical Specification document includes information about Experion LCN and other details about the architecture and requirements for the migration process.Tech Spec7 Aug 20171.03 MB
Revitalize-with-Experion-LCN-Ochsner-CL-editsRevitalize-with-Experion-LCN-Ochsner-CL-editsPresentation1 Jun 20172.25 MB
TotalPlant™ Solution Modernization: Experion Local Control NetworkHoneywell’s on process incremental upgrade to Experion LCN modernizes the control system infrastructure and enables the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT by Honeywell).Application Note17 Jun 2016264.96 KB
Control System Migration Surviving the “Perfect Storm” to Improve Performance Industrial companies are faced with an increasingly competitive business environment. Manufacturers must find ways to produce quality products quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Experience has shown control system performance can have a huge impact on return on investment (ROI) throughout the lifecycle of the plant. Whitepaper24 May 20162 MB
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