Experion R410 Migration
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​Migration to Experion® PKS Orion, also known as R410, brings significant advantages to users on older versions of Experion PKS or legacy systems. R410 offers new features that enhance operator effectiveness, improve engineering efficiency, reduce security and upgrade risks, and protect IP investments.

​With end of support for the Windows XP operating system, businesses need a secure migration path to current technology. By migrating to Experion R410, users can benefit from the most advanced control system functionality with minimal disruption to their operations.  

Key features of Experion R410 include:

  • The only process control system with ASM® Consortium principles consistently built into its design to improve operator effectiveness

  • A wide range of engineering productivity and usability improvements

  • Enhancements to increase security while optimizing user effectiveness

  • New features to reduce re-training requirements while driving efficiencies through greater consistency and repeatability.

Honeywell provides on-process migration (OPM) to Experion R410 for easy access to valuable new capabilities without unnecessary downtime and production losses. Comprehensive solutions are available for migration to Windows 7-supported releases as well; Honeywell provides all the tools and services needed to address cost, risk and resource issues.

Honeywell’s Migration Help Desk provides world-class services for successful and timely completion of Experion software release migrations. Experion migration history includes:

  • 3,100 migrations completed or scheduled

  • 2,100 OPM successes

  • 1,000 off-line migration successes.

​Experion R410 delivers:

  • Operator effectiveness (Experion Alarm Tracker, dynamic alarm suppression and system alarm assignment)

  • Engineering efficiency (e.g., upgraded Control Builder performance, major import/export enhancements and OPC server-client independence)

  • Risk reduction (USB switch, advanced parameter security, Experion Backup and Restore R410, on-process migration and advanced parameter security)

  • Investment protection (e.g., enhanced TPS point detail displays and improved LCN system alarm integration). 

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Controls Strtch Out, Reduce StressArticle by Jim Montague, Control's Exec editor talks about how systems help run plants better. Braskem's migration to Experion R430 is cited as an example. Although the migration was complicated and risky, Braskem gained new technologies and capabilities with the project, and they have had no DCS related plant shutdowns since.5.03 MBArticle Reprint27 Jan 2017
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Case Study-TDC2000 Hiway and Safety System Upgrade at MOL HungaryAt Hungary’s only crude oil refinery, a well-planned approach to control system and safety system migration extended the life of technology investments, expanded automation capabilities, and replaced legacy assets with a reliable and supportable system.Read the case study to know more. 1.99 MB12 Feb 2020
Cool Results from a Smooth Migration: Improving Performance of Ice Cream Production Ice cream manufacturer Froneri used Honeywell’s migration tools and in-depth expertise to move to the latest control technology while making maximum use of its existing assets for an efficient, fast and smooth migration.672.66 KB3 Sep 2018
Taiyo Oil’s Yamaguchi Utility Plant DCS MigrationTaiyo and Honeywell collaborated well to complete the DCS migration with no major issues and on schedule, with just a day of shutdown. 549.66 KB4 Oct 2017
Gunvor Ingolstadt Migrates from HPM to EHPM Gunvor Ingolstadt Refinery selected a HPM to EHPM On Process Migration to reduce risk and workload during refinery turnaround and focus on additional critical activities. 682.78 KB21 Sep 2017
Protecting Safety, Protecting Investments: An SIS Migration Honeywell completed an FSC to Safety Manager Controller migration program at the KOGAS Tongyeong LNG re-gasification plant in Korea. Minimizing downtime, Honeywell delivered a solution that extends the life of the safety system while enhancing reliability and efficiency. 632.47 KB12 Apr 2017
Honeywell Migration Solutions Help Saudi Electricity Company Revitalize Control System and Address Cyber ThreatsHoneywell Migration Solutions Help Saudi Electricity Company Revitalize Control System and Address Cyber Threats.212.64 KB7 Dec 2015
Motiva Successfully Migrates from TDC 2000 to Experion® PKSMotiva Successfully Migrates from TDC 2000 to Experion® PKS96.78 KB4 Nov 2015
Qatar Petroleum NGL Plant Completes Successful Experion On-Process Migration The project included Station and Server hardware upgrades, software release migration to Experion R430, and existing CNI migration to the latest FTE technology. The greatest challenge was migrating CNI to FTE since no tool was available to migrate this technology On-Process. 247.41 KB31 May 2015
Total Performs Stepwise Migration of Legacy DCS to Experion® PKSTotal has been able to extend its existing automaton assets while upgrading legacy TDC 2000 control systems to Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) technology.231.96 KB22 Sep 2014
Valero’s Successful On-Process Migration: Experion® R310 to R410Valero’s Successful On-Process Migration: Experion® R310 to R410169.46 KB30 Apr 2014

Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time. 

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Watch below videos to get to know more about our customer benefits after Migration to Experion the latest release and how it helped them with every day challenges. ​


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