Remote Migration Services
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Honeywell provides an innovative Remote Migration Service for Experion® and TotalPlant™ Solution (TPS) users who need to modernize their control system to the Experion R511.2 release or later.​​

Honeywell’s Remote Migration Service changes the playing field for customers by reducing potential risk and making migration an advantageous experience rather than a burdensome requirement. The service encompasses migration readiness, software migration, offsite or remote acceptance testing, and production system upgrading. Honeywell Migration experts perform the software migration and then invite the end user to test the new Experion software release. This includes control configuration and custom graphics. The Configuration Acceptance Test is the customer’s way of approving the new release prior to introducing it into their production system.

Honeywell recognizes the importance of a continuous evolution pathway to system modernization. Our Remote Migration Service enables global experts to efficiently address the risks and issues of technology obsolescence. This service allows for a remote approach to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and verification of new control solutions; minimizes on-site activities; and enables customers to more confidently and easily stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity and Experion improvements.


Experience shows that remote migration can upgrade execution schedule by as much as 50 percent, lower customer activities by 20 percent due to reduction of on-site activities and improve migration productivity by at least 60 percent. It also enables customers to take advantage of Honeywell’s latest enhanced cybersecurity capabilities and control technology improvements.

The specific advantages of Honeywell’s Remote Migration Service include:

  • Reduced Overall Risk
  • Secure remote migration vs. full migration at site
  • Increased system availability vs. loss of redundancy for a long duration with current migration methods
  • Opportunity to test overall migrated system away from actual production system
  • Avoidance of last minute rush, roll backs, etc., keeping automation off critical path
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Brochure- Remote Migration ServicesAddress Essential Obsolesence and Cybersecurity Concerns while Minimizing Risk.Brochure1 Jul 2020
Flyer-Remote Migration ServicesContact Honeywell to get started with Remote Migration Services today.Product Information Note19 Jun 2020
Remote Migration Services WhitepaperRely on innovative remote technologies to leverage your workforce and control assets to keep your business moving forward. Read the whitepaper to learn more. Whitepaper12 Jun 2020
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