TPS/TDC to Experion PKS Control Unification – EHPM Solutions

TPS/TDC to Experion PKS Control Unification – EHPM Solutions

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Honeywell offers the Enhanced High Performance Process Manager (EHPM) Solutions that marks a significant advancement in extending the lifespan of TPS/TDC systems.  EHPM Solutions offers an easy and cost-effective approach for modernization of coax-based control devices to Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) technology and integration with Experion® PKS. Preserving intellectual property in wiring, applications, HMI, control and safety strategies reduces risk and downtime for users.


Integrated Control for TPS/TDC and Experion PKS

EHPM Solutions represent the ongoing evolution of the TPS/TDC system by applying the advanced technology of Experion PKS. It avoids rip-and-replace upgrades, which can be more expensive and less secure than incremental, phased modernization techniques. At the center of the modernization approach is the on-process infrastructure upgrade and true on-process modernization of the industry’s most widely used and reliable controller, High Performance Process Manager (HPM).

EHPM Solutions program provides:

  • Extension of the lifespan of the TPS/TDC control environment by applying FTE technology

  • Modernization of the coax-based Universal Control Network (UCN) to FTE-based Enhanced Universal Control Network (EUCN)

  • Modernization of the HPM controllers to EHPM

  • Control function enhancements with control-level data exchange between EHPM and C300 controller

  • Improvement of TPS/TDC system performance through direct operation station access to the EHPM controllers

  • Safety function enhancements with data exchange between EHPM and Safety Manager across EUCN, and modernization of the Fail Safe Controller (FSC) functions to Safety Manager

  • Changeover of the coax connected Triconex systems to EUCN by use of the Triconex Communication Module Interface (TCMI).

EHPM Solutions represent Honeywell’s long-term, multi-phase vision to integrate the control-level environment of its TPS/TDC and Experion PKS systems within an FTE-based physical network for safety and control devices.

EHPM Solutions enable:

  • extension of the life of automation assets through modernization

  • maximum protection of existing capital investments during upgrades

  • intellectual property (IP) retention for modernization and expansions using the same controller families

  • elimination of process downtime requirements and risk with true on-process HPM to EHPM migration

  • expansions with users’ choice of controllers

  • efficient operations through the use of a unified Human Machine Interface (HMI) and control environment

  • new flexibility in automation planning through modernization and/or incremental controller upgrades

  • better network diagnostics using FTE technology

  • full utilization of available skills and resources at users’ operating facilities.

With EHPM Solutions, users can:

  • Extend the life of their automation assets: Remaining economic life of controllers can be extended by 30-50%
  • Reduce process downtime requirements: Migration risk and process downtime reduced by up to 30%. And by up to 100% for HPM to EHPM migration only.
  • Reduce modernization investment cost: Intellectual property protection provides migration investment cost reduction greater than 25%
  • Reduce lifecycle costs: Better diagnostics, unified technology and skills utilization reduce maintenance costs by more than 5%.

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TCMI Technical SpecificationTCMI Technical Specification524.69 KBTech Spec22 Mar 2018
TCMI Customer Webinar June 2017Presentation TCMI Customer Webinar June 20172.5 MBPresentation1 Jun 2017
Triconex Communication Module Interface PINTriconex Communication Module Interface PIN660.87 KBBrochure22 Mar 2017
HPM to EHPM OPMTrue on-process migration of HPM to EHPM277.09 KBBrochure27 Oct 2016
Enhanced Network Bridge (ENB) Product Information NoteHoneywell's Enhanced Network Bridge (ENB) provides possibilities for an incremental, non-disruptive approach to modernize the coaxial Universal Control Environment (UCN) devices to the unified Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) based control environment between Total Plant Network (TPN) and Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS).265.12 KBProduct Information Note8 Oct 2015
EUCN Technical SpecificationEUCN Technical Specification853.52 KBTech Spec1 Jul 2015
EHPM Integration with EPKS PINPIN EHPM integration and peer to peer with C300 controller79.08 KBBrochure25 Mar 2014
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Gunvor Ingolstadt Migrates from HPM to EHPM Gunvor Ingolstadt Refinery selected a HPM to EHPM On Process Migration to reduce risk and workload during refinery turnaround and focus on additional critical activities. 21 Sep 2017
​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.
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