Third Party PLC Migration
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Honeywell’s standardized, connected strategy for controls migration is intended for customers with legacy PLCs connected to Honeywell TotalPlant™ Solution (TPS)/TDC3000 systems.


Honeywell’s approach provides an integrated DCS and PLC migration solution that is sustainable and secure. It lowers migration risk by retaining existing intellectual property and ensures full interoperability between all controllers. Our solution also eliminates the need to manage multiple configuration software types and maintain a separate HMI for the DCS and PLCs. Through native integration of existing control assets, plant operators will gain complete visibility of the process and are able to manage assets in a centralized manner. Unified database provides data exchange between controllers in a single control network without additional infrastructure and engineering costs.

With Honeywell’s solution, industrial sites challenged by aging infrastructure and outdated control equipment can ensure migration to up-to-date technology which is secure, seamless integration to DCS and cost-effective. And, our approach improves integration workflows so migration projects can be efficiently executed. Honeywell’s state-of-the-art ControlEdge™ PLC reuses TotalPlant™ Network (TPN) tag names so users can keep their current operator displays, maintain existing peer-to-peer communication with other LCN nodes as needed.​

Experience shows that an effective PLC migration solution helps eliminate obsolescence, reduce risk and ensure the lowest total cost of ownership. With Honeywell’s minimally invasive migration procedure, users can lower their total cost of ownership by 25 percent, reduce integration cost by 80 percent and decrease maintenance effort by 50 percent. In addition, they can retain valuable intellectually property and capitalize on their existing DCS knowledge base.
The specific advantages of Honeywell’s Third-Party PLC Migration solution include:
  • Integrated controls migration and modernization in incremental steps
  • Seamless Honeywell DCS integration for optimized costs and better decision-making
  • Greater engineering flexibility for reduced project overhead
  • Proven cybersecurity capabilities to protect critical assets
  • Built-In connectivity options for easy integration of Honeywell and non-Honeywell assets

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Brochure PLC MigrationHoneywell’s Third Party PLC Migration solution helps customers eliminate obsolescence, reduce risk and ensure the lowest total cost of ownership in today’s demanding operating environment.Brochure5 Oct 2020
Flyer-PLC-MigrationContact Honeywell to get started with PLC Migration today.Product Information Note5 Oct 2020
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